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680322 - Letter to Balai written from San Francisco

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Letter to Balai dasi

518 Frederick Street
San Francisco, Cal. 94117

DATED ..March..22,...................1968..

My Dear Balai dasi,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated March 19th, along with Ishtagoshte notes, I am always so pleased to see how nicely the Ishtagoshte meetings are being carried on, so I am always anticipating your letters, along with Ishtagoshte reports. Thank you very much.

Yes, Sri Tulasi is the eternal consort of Krishna, and the most pure devotee, and therefore, the Tulasi plant is worshiped by Vaishnavas.

Yes, you may say the prayer to the Spiritual Master 3 times, and also the Namo Brahmanya... prayer 3 times, when offering Prasadam. That is very nice to say the mantra 3 times. Also, you may, after offering to the Spiritual Master, offer to Lord Chaitanya by saying the prayer, Namo Maha Badanaya.... 3 times, and then offer to Krishna thrice.

So far the singing of the prayers to the Spiritual Master is concerned, there is no limitation on how many times it is sung. But it should be done three times daily, and morning it is required. Yes, you may say this prayer at noon Prasadam if it is possible, and sing again in the evening. And you may sing other prayers as you learn them also.
I am so pleased to hear of the activities of Jadurany and her artist assistants. We require this service, as we require so many pictures. Pictures, books, etc., all we shall sell on world tour with our Samkirtan party. So we require a lot of pictures in stock; and wherever we open our centers, we must have at least Pancha Tattwa picture, Vishnu picture, Samkirtan painting, and Spiritual Master's picture, and Radha Krishna painting--they are all required. Therefore, Krishna has sent so many devotees to work on the painting department, so we have to utilize them fully, so their service is fully utilized for advancing in Krishna Consciousness.

Thanking you once more for your sincere service, and I hope you are well.

Your ever well-wisher,
SP Signature.png

N.B. So far Adwaita is concerned, please do not be too much worried, because Krishna will save him. Krishna has promised to always give all protection to His devotees, so you may rest assured that Krishna will take very good care of him. Please confer my blessings to Adwaita, and tell him to keep his faith in Krishna, and not to fear the people imprisoning him. Fear personified cannot remain in the presence of Krishna. And the authorities there are simply like wooden dolls, or puppets, in the Hands of the Dance-Master, Krishna. So there is nothing to fear, simply it is to be considered a botheration, nothing more. Encourage him to chant continuously, and not to notice the activities of the prison-wardens.
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