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540000 - Letter to M. L. Jalan written from Unknown Place

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Letter to M. L. Jalan - Handwritten
Letter to M. L. Jalan - Typed

[All handwritten]

Unknown Date

Sri M.L. Jalan

Dear Sri Jalanji,                 ML/DBB/54/21

Kindly refer to your letter NR----:D/ 24/2/54 addressed to me on receipt of your above letter I had to see you in your house receive your contribution of Rs 51/---???
I had to request you to become one of the executive member along with Dr. Satyendra, Dr. Sri (? ), Dr. Kalido (? ) and others and your (? ) told me that the matter. I hope you will accept it now stated in Calcutta was very unsuitable for its practically a rejected place from the city of Cal was rented for temporary purpose. But all to open a permanent office in Calcutta for impressing the people there about the noble work.
To day I am seeking your help in this matter honour is one of the richest citizen of Calcutta charitable disposition of mind. I wish that you give us some place or a room only with the machine, so that we can run on a [missing text] along with the help of the above erudite scholars.
This time I have in my possession words of symp [missing text] from such Personalities as Sr. K.M. Munshi the governor Prasad, the President of (? ), Sri M.S.----, Sir Sitaram of (? ), Sri (? ) etc. to get some financial assistance for this great institu [missing text] absolutely necessary, that all must have an office in [missing text] you will kindly give us some place as (? ) above either or permanently as it may be----

Thanking you in anticipation and waiting your early reply.

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