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551213 - Letter to R. N. Aggarwal MA written from Delhi

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Letter to R. N. Aggarwal MA

December 13, 1955

Sri R.N. Aggarwal MA.
President D.M. Committee.
Town Hall, Delhi.

Dear Sri,

Re: your secretary's letter No. D.O. 807/P.T. the League of Devotees: D/22/11/55

With reference to the above and my subsequent interview with you, I beg to inform you that it has been now decided to hold a preliminary meeting of the above league in the city first to discuss the aims & objects.

Myself, Lala, Girdhari lal and, Advocate Bipinchandra Misra, three will be convenors.

I request you to preside over this meeting and give me some time at your convenience so that the meeting can be arranged accordingly.

In this meeting all the members of your committee. as well as other respectable residents of old Delhi will be invited to give it an initiation.

I hope you will kindly accept it and let me know your decision, so that further arrangement can be done.

Yours faithfully,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta.