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560000 - Letter to Members written from Bombay

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Unknown Date

Bombay Office: 93, Narayan Dhuru St. Bombay-3.

Dated as post mark.

On the Supreme Order of His Divine Grace Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaj, I beg to inform you that it is now high time to revive the divine consciousness of mankind, the people in general, modern leaders, philosophers, and religionists - considering the deteriorated world situation in every respect.

Dormant divine consciousness of the living entity is developed in the human being by natural evolution but it is sometimes snubbed down by artificial force on account of too much desire to Lord it over the material nature. The result is that such mode of civilization renders people short-lived, slow in understanding matters important in life (spiritual knowledge), accepting the wrong way of perfection, unfortunate even in material prosperity and always disturbed by diseases and distresses. And these are some of the gifts of nature in the mode of Godless civilization.

The above symptoms are now dominant all over the world in spite of the Godless leaders' various plans to bring in peace and prosperity upon the people. The only remedy is to revive the dormant divine consciousness by dissemination of spiritual knowledge.

Back to Godhead is devoted to this mission for all round human welfare work with wider outlook and for this there are many appreciations by educated circle. It is now decided that copies of the above paper will be posted to the leading men of the world in the following scale: (1) Afghanistan 1,000, (2) America 10,000, (3) Argentina 500, (4) Belgium 500, (5) Brazil 500, (6) Burma 1,000, (7) Canada 500, (8) Chile 500, (9) China 10,000, (10) Czechoslovakia 500, (11) Denmark 500, (12) Egypt 1,000, (13) Ethiopia 500, (14) France 1,000, (15) Germany 5,000, (16) Greece 1,000, (17) Indonesia 500, (18) Iran 500, (19) Iraq 500, (20) Italy 1,000, (21) Japan 2,000, (22) Laos 500, (23) Mexico 500, (24) Monaco 500, (25) Mongolia 500, (26) Nepal 500, (27) Netherlands 1,000 (28) Norway 1,000, (29) Philippines 500, (30) Poland 500, (31) Saudi Arabia 500, (32) Sudan 500, (33) Syria 500, (34) Thailand 500, (35) Sweden 500, (36) Turkey 500 (37) Vietnam 500, (38) U.S.S.R. 10,000, (39) Yugoslavia 500, (40) Austria 500, (41) Bulgaria 500, (42) Finland 500, (43) Holy See 500, (44) Hungary 500, (45) Rumania 500, (46) Switzerland 500, (47) Australia 2,000, (48) Cambodia 500, (49) Ceylon 500, (50) Ghana 500, (51) Malaya 500, (52) Pakistan 1,000, (53) United Kingdom 10,000. It is expected that all intelligent men will join this spiritual movement for a total reformation. This propaganda work is a part of SAMKIRTANJAJNA recommended for the people of this age.

The difficulty is that misguided people are more interested in the matter of sense gratification than in self-realization which is the ultimate goal of life. We have therefore taken up the difficult job to perform and it is our duty to do it.

We invite you to cooperate with the mission for collective welfare and help in the matter of wider circulation of the spiritual propaganda made by the BACK TO GODHEAD.

We shall request you to bear the cost of publishing, printing and distributing some issues of the BACK TO GODHEAD. This paper is issued twice in a month and the cost of 2 x 1,000 copies are as follows: -

Printing Rs. 72/-

Paper 50/-

Posting (at concession rate of postage) 40/-

Packing 8/-


Total Rs. 170/-


Rupees one hundred and seventy only.

Please try to contribute the expenses for one, two, three or more up to 2 x 12 issues in a year. If not at least for one month in a year, you can accept the burden for God's sake and distribute the same with YOUR GOOD NAME PRINTED ON THE ISSUES AS A DONOR. This service of spiritual value with your hard earned money on behalf of Godhead, will be recognized by the Lord and you will be blessed with spiritual enlightenment in your life without fail. Please experience it factually exactly like a man fed in hunger.

Sacrifice, charity and penances are three essential things for attaining spiritual light. The suggested way to you is the easiest one to cover all the above three important spiritual activities. Do not miss this opportunity. Kindly adopt it immediately and see the result how it acts.

May good counsel prevail upon you. Please read the current issue of the paper which is donated by an enlightened soul and follow the example for your as well as the world's good.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

Goswami Abhay Charan Bhaktivedanta

Editor: Back to Godhead and Founder Secretary The league of Devotees

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