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610329 - Letter to Doctor Radhakrishnan written from Delhi

Letter to Doctor Radhakrishnan

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Page 17,
2439, Chhipi Wada Kalan, Delhi-6,
29th March 1961.

My dear Doctor Radhakrishnan,

I beg to acknowledge receipt with thanks your letter of the 24th instant and have noted the contents. I have come back from Cuttack on the 26th night.

You know that I am a Sannyasi without any relation with Bank neither I am attached with financing institution. But the Japanese organisers have liked my literatures and they want me to be present there.

The Congress which is going to be held at Japan is on the matter of How One Should Cultivate Human Spirit. While the Indian leaders are giving more importance on the material construction of the human body, enlightened people of other countries are thinking of the Human Spirit. People of other countries who have already tested the bitterness of materialism, are now seeking something else other than matter.

The sages of India in the bygone ages cultivated on the Human Spirit in an elaborate way. Sripada Sankaracarya, Ramanujacarya, Madhva and later on Sri Caitanya dealt on the subject most scientifically for the welfare of all men in the world. I think therefore that the Indian Government should send there all the representatives of the abovementioned Acaryas to deliver the message of Atma or the Human Spirit.

A Godless civilization cannot bring about peace and prosperity and when they are anxious about it we must administer the required medicine.

I am therefore very much anxious to attend the Congress although I have no means to go there. They are also very much anxious to get me there and if I say that I cannot attend the congress for want of means then I think it will be an insult to my country.

Formerly the Zamindars and Princes would provide for such endeavours. But they are now finished. Under the circumstances it is the duty of the Government to arrange for our travel in such noble mission.

I wish therefore that you can specially recommend my case to Minister Humayun Kabir to arrange for it.

If it is impossible altogether, then personally you can send me there without any difficulty. They have already agreed to pay for my boarding and lodging for the days I shall remain there. I may also inform you that the Secretary of the INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR CULTURAL HARMONY has already agreed to publish some of my literatures. If you will kindly somehow or other dispatch me there, then it will be a chance for my mission.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours sincerely,