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640600 - Letter to Shastryji written from Unknown Place

Letter to Shastryji (Page 1 of ?)
Letter to Shastryji (Page 2 of ?)

1964 - 65

My dear Shastryji,

I thank you for your granting me an interview yesterday morning but I was not successful in my mission because your dealing with me yesterday was more official than hearty. You asked me to send you my Srimad-Bhagwatam Part II with a note. This is not only expensive for me but also troublesome for me. Any way as you wanted me to send you a note. I am abiding by your order but I am doubtful whether you will have any time to go through my notes. The first thing is that here is the copy of your letter which you sent me on ______ after receipt of the 1st part.


I beg to enquire if you had some time to go through the 1st part. If you have not gone through it there is no use for the 2nd part.

The whole thing is to be completed in sixty parts of 400 pages. It is a mighty project and I am doing it alone. Here with please find one picture & literature for the publication.

If you would have gone through the 1st part you would have actually felt how much important work I have undertaken not only for the benefit of India but also for all the world.

If you actually want good Government not only for India but also for all the world over, you must promote the sales of this publication either or you may purchase some thousands of copies of this publication at concessional rate & distribute the same to all leading & thinking men of the world. Srimad-Bhagwatam is a [unclear] ___ literature and it is specially needed at this hour of human disparity all over the world.

So far I remember, you referred about the Education Ministry. But I may inform you that the Education Ministry has already approved of this publication and Special Sanskrit officer is purchasing 50 copies per volume.

You can however order your other ministry to purchase 50 copies of each volume and distribute them as they like.

The American Embassy is also purchasing 18 copies of each volume.

You have desired that this important publication may be introduced in the [unclear] ___ of all Govt unification. And if you do help me in this discretion, then I can peacefully finish up the job.

I think the Government would have given me all encouragement for attempting such important work but I have not been so engaged till now. It is better late than never and I wish that in your Government I may not be neglected. [unclear]