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670130 - Letter to Gargamuni written from San Francisco

Letter to Gargamuni

Krishna Consciousness Inc.
518 Frederick Street. San Francisco
California, January 30, 1967.

My dear Gargamuni,
Since I have come here I did not hear from you. Hope you are doing well with full cooperation of your elderly God brothers. Did you go to your mother along with Brahmananda? I hope she is alright now. I have already transferred $5000.00 to the A/c of International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc. Checks should be drawn with full deliverance. Have you transferred $200.00 to my account instead of sending the check to Mr. Altman. I have already sent you instructions in this connection. Shall be glad to hear from you. Hope you are well.
Yours ever well wisher,

N.B. Up to date I have only 5 tapes with me. Please let me know how many you counted altogether. [handwritten]