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670415 - Letter to Sri Krishna Panditji written from New York

Letter to Sri Krishna Panditji

New York, N.Y. [unclear]
April 15,1967

TRUE COPY of Letter under separate post with Gramophone Record

My dear Sri Krishna Panditji, Please accept my greetings. I am in due receipt of your letter of the 9th instant and have noted the contents carefully. As promised by me previously I am sending herewith the Gramophone Record of my Kirtan and short speech thereof. I hope you will enjoy it. I am very sorry to learn that Srimati Bahuji is suffering from Pyorrhea. It is due to excessive Betel chewing. Any way I am sending herewith a small cheque for her treatment. Please accept it with my blessings.

Regarding printing work, I am prepared to guarantee for payment to the press if the printing is first class just suitable to the American taste. If Joshiji appears to be not interested why not yourself do the work and I am prepared to pay you as stated in my previous letter.

Regarding your introduction to my disciples here, you can immediately note down the following address. He is interested in importing musical instruments from India. If you can immediately arrange to supply from Delhi things like Aggarbatti, Dhupa, Musical instruments, Varanasi Sari, Bronze cymbals, Printed matters, Printed cloths from Agra and Farukhabad etc, you can do very good business and make profit not less than Rs 200/- per month or more. Add only 5% on the purchase price or sometimes less than 5% on purchase values and you will be do good business. But if you can not write in English how you will make correspondence with them. You must write in English or get it done by some one who knows English. Unless you write in English how can you deal with them. Please note down the following address immediately and correspond with him giving reference of my name.

Mr. Michael Grant 518 Frederick Street, San Francisco, California 94117 [handwritten]
Regarding my room in the temple, I can understand that you want to use it for many other purposes and you cannot agree to use it exclusively for my Bhagavatam Printing. I do not wish to disturb you. As you are very much anxious to get the room vacated, I have decided to vacate it without delay. I have advised Srimad B.V. Narayan Maharaj of Mathura (Kesavji Gaudiya Matha) to vacate the room without delay. When he goes to the Temple please help him as far as possible and he will certainly vacate the room for your other religious purposes as you have informed me in your letter under reply.

In conclusion I may inform you that I can introduce to you many names in this country provided you can arrange for correspondence in English. Who will read your Hindi letters. Please note that without English you cannot be in touch with the outer world at least in Business. Why not train at least one of your sons in English correspondence and I will help him in doing our world business and your family will be profited.
Hope you are well.
Your ever well wisher.
Sd/A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

My Sri Krishna Panditji,
The above letter was to be posted by air mail. But my students have posted it along with the Gramophone Record by ordinary mail. So it will take some time to reach you. I therefore send the copy of the above letter by air mail so that you can know the reply of your letter of the 9th instant. Kindly help Narayan Maharaj in clearing the room. Awaiting your reply.
Yours etc.