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670722 - Letter to Janardana written from New York

Letter to Janardan

TWENTY-SIX SECOND AVENUE, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10003                         TELEPHONE: 674-7428

Larry Bogart
James S. Greene
Carl Yeargans
Raphael Balsam
Robert Lefkowitz
Raymond Marais
Stanley Mogkowitz
Michael Grant
Harvey Cohen

22 July 1967

My Dear Janardan,

Please accept my blessings. I have read with great interest the copy of your letter, and I am so glad to learn that you are feeling more and more Krishna Conscious. So far the stories are concerned, the Vedic literatures are full of instructive stories for the spiritual advancement of the human society. Because the less intelligent class of men, like women, merchantile people, and laborers, want to hear stories, for them the Vedic idea or concept was explained in 18 Puranas and the Mahabarata. If I get good assistance I can overflood your country with stories so nice and instructive.
I wish that after finishing your M.A. exams that you be fixed up and come for some time to Vrindaban in my personal touch. In the meantime, just go on organizing your Montreal center, and the Indian gentleman, Professor Dwivdi may be induced to take a more substantial interest in the temple. When I come back, I shall install Radha-Krishna Murti in the temple, and I hope it will be a great center for the society and for both Canada and the Indian community.
I am leaving this evening with Kirtanananda, and shall write you on arrival.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami