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670815 - Letter to Prabhus from Kirtanananda

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15 August, 1967

From Kirtanananda

Dear Prabhus,

I think you will be interested to know that Swamiji read me His horoscope (the one done at birth) the other day. In it it predicts that at age 70 his life will take a great turn in the religious way and then He will go to many foreign countries. It also states that He will become ill, and it will last 4 months 20 days, and then again He will take up the work with vigor. However, the original horoscope was a little off in time (about a year I think). His Divine Grace called in one local astrologer yesterday “just out of curiosity” and he said that presently He was being influenced by some “evil stars” but that at the end of His 71st year everything would be all right. So it looks like we just have a couple more weeks to go through the dangerous period.

My own health is a little better, although I still get pains when I walk. I went to the American Missionary Hospital yesterday, and saw the head surgeon. He suspects that I have picked up some cute little ameba which is attacking my liver. Anyway they are “making tests.” The rains are still with us, so the temperatures are quite bearable now. I am gradually getting used to the place, but I sometimes wonder why they call this place Vrindaban. But on the other hand, the constant sound of temple bells and always a Hare Krishna or a Hare Rama there is wonderful.

Swamiji is making nice progress in getting a lease (99 year) on this temple here, and then we could fix it up and use it. There is a beautiful spot in back of the temple, with large trees. It is so great to sit back there and chant. This temple means a great deal to His Divine Grace, and for that reason I hope everything goes well. Love and Best wishes to all.