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670824 - Letter to Gurudasa written from Vrndavana

Letter to Gurudas

24 August 1967

Dear Gurudas,
Please accept by blessings. I am so much pleased to receive your letter of 8/16/67, and it has given me much encouragement for your being advanced in K.C. Sincere souls who are engaged in the service of Lord Krishna are benedicted by the Lord by revelation. Sri Krishna, His Name, Form, Entourage, Paraphernalia and Pastimes are not material; they are purely spiritual. Therefore, in the beginning they are not appreciated by our materially conditioned senses, but as we go on chanting Hare Krishna with service mood and attitude, the Name, Qualities, etc., become revealed as Reality. For the Unbeliever Krishna and His Name etc are fictitious, but those who are advanced in K.C. realize that K.C. is pure and eternal.
I am very glad that you are gradually realizing these truths. I very much appreciate your attempt for a photo book of the Samkirtan movement. I have cent percent support for your noble attempt, and I am sure Hayagriva will be able to help you in this respect as he has so many facts at his disposal. I shall try to send some photo.
I am pleased to learn that you are teaching Spanish people English to help the mission. And you are worthy to become V.P. of our S.F. branch. Regarding Yamuna, your wife, I've got a very great regard, because she is very sincere girl. I'm sure you should feel fortunate to have such a wife. Please offer my blessings to her, and always cooperate with your wife in the service of the Lord. You'll be happy eternally.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami