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670924 - Letter to Prabhus from Kirtanananda

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New York,

August 24, 1967

From: Rayarama - SL_670824_A1

Dear Prabhus,

I am happy to report that everything is going nicely here in Vrindaban. Besides that, we hear that Achyutananda is arriving here this weekend in time for Janamasthmi Day. That day promises to be a great one for me, as I am taking sannyas then. It will then be possible for me to return to the states, as Swamiji sees fit, and preach our Krishna Conscious philosophy of Transcendental vibration with greater effectiveness. I also have some good ideals for some new records. We must make the most of the Transcendental Vibrations-that is what is effective in this age. We must chant and hear, but not speculate. So far as I can tell, Swamiji's health is greatly improved. He seems to be eating and sleeping much better, and he is certainly more vigorous. We have gotten a professional masseur for Him, and He is thriving on the treatment. Now all we need is the steam bath! My own health now is fine, but I must admit a certain craving for some good food. The food available here is meager, bad in quality, and unbelievably high in price. Sugar (in the land of brahmans! ha!) is twice the price that it is in the states i.e. about 25/lb. Needless to say, there is no stock of sweet balls! But Krishna is very good, and there are many compensations, like a beautifully sane tempo of life, lovely scenery, and of course, the constant sound of temple bells and devotees chanting the holy Name. Without these, all material advances are meaningless.

So, we must spread the Trans Vib of Hare K

Love, Kirtanananda dasa