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670927 - Letter to Prabhus from Kirtanananda

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27 August, 1967

From Kirtanananda

Dear Prabhus,

Please accept my obeisances. It is very nice to get all your letters, and I specially thank Brahmananda for his personal note. I think by now you have nicely celebrated the Lord’s Advent, and are probably feasting well today! We will be celebrating the day tomorrow (28th) with fasting, and then feasting the next day. The discrepancy is due to the phases of the moon, which, it seems, can be calculated in various ways. Anyway, it should be a very wonderful experience for me, and I am anxiously awaiting it. I am also wondering if Achyutananda might show up, as two people have written us that he would arrive this week. I wish we could have known the exact time of arrival to make some arrangements for meeting him; it is really quite a lot to land in a foreign country all alone, and do not know exactly what to do. In the future, my advice is to let someone to know. There is not really much “news” in Vrindaban, except that yesterday the Indian boy whom Swamiji initiated left to go back to Delhi;seems like he wants to “enjoy” and little more: what he really (what they all want, I think) wanted is to go to America. He just kept repeating to me “Indian system bad, American system good.” I couldn’t make him believe that there were at least some Americans who thought that the “American System” end all and be all, and that in fact the spiritual values of which Indian has the greatest heritage;were more important. Oh well, it merely confirms what I experienced last time when I was in India; namely that they are not ready for K. C.; and if there is to be any spiritual regeneration in the world, it must come from the U.S. Therefore, it is imperative for all of us to concentrate especially one the U. S. for this great movement of TRANSCENDENTAL VIBRATION. Only the chanting of the holy NAMES can save us. Hare Krishna!



P.S. Tell Hayagriva to send all mail to me at Box 1846 Delhi, 6.