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671003 - Letter to Prabhus from Ramanuja

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3 October, 1967

From Ramanuja

[Included on 671003 letter to Nandarani, Krishna Devi, Subal Das and Uddhava]

Here is a letter from Ramanuja included in Swamiji’s.

Dear Prabhus,

You can imagine what a pleasure it is to be with His Divine Grace. We are staying in a pretty run down temple but I don’t notice a thing. This is the self-same place where Swamiji spent two years typing out the Srimad Bhagwatam, so you know it is a very holy place. We leave on the 9th for C. and from there we shall go to Lord Chaitanya’s birthplace and other holy places. So far I have not been [to] Brindavan but on our return I will go there.

I congratulate Subal das and Krishna devi for their letter of service. It made Swamiji very happy, expecially after Kirtanananda’s stab in the back. Sorry I could not be there to help you in bodily form, but as you see I am now in a more advantagious position (for me). I shall try to send you the Chaitanya Charitamrta from Calcutta.

We have a new God-sister. Her name is Mukunda dasi. She comes every afternoon and brings us sweetmeats. She also cleans the place for us.