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671003 - Letter to Satsvarupa written from Delhi

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Letter to Satsvarupa

Oct. 3, 1967

My Dear Satswarupa,
Please accept my blessings, I've not heard from you in a long time. Please convey my blessings to Rayarama, Damodar & others.
Since I've come to India, I've not received a single copy of B.T.G. There is no stationary nor prospectus either. I asked for these as well. But I've received nothing. I am starting for Calcutta on Oct. 9, You may send some stationary, BTG, and Prospectus to my Calcutta address by Air Mail. My Calcutta address is:
c/o Madan Dutta
76 Durgha Charan Dr. Rd.
Calcutta, 14.
In my last letter to Brahmananda, Hayagriva I've already requested that Rayarama take the introductory letter from Kirtanananda & as previously settled Rayarama may go to London in Nov. In London there is one Miss. D.C. Bowtell, 27 Cranhurst Rd., Crickle cod, London. NW. 2. This old lady was given Hari Nama while my Guru Maharaj was on earth. Since then she is maintaining one apartment & may be doing some preaching work. So Rayaram may open some correspondence with her before going there. This will help in the matter of opening center in London. This function was intended for Kirtanananda while returning to N.Y. He was to stop there & see her but he was so much frenzied to see & meet his old friends that he forgot the order of Krishna & indulged in a sort of sense gratification. It is certainly a shocking incident which I never expected from a disciple like Kirtanananda. Besides that I shall be glad to hear whether my book, Lord Chaitanya's Teachings is now complete. I am afraid if there is no contract for publication with MacMillan Co. I have already asked Brahmananda to send Manuscript of Gita Upanishad to following address: to Hitsaran Sharma
c/o Dalmia Enterprise
Scindia House
New Delhi 1.
Please ask Brahmananda if he has already dispatched the manuscripts to the above address. I do not wish to delay publication any longer but I wish to publish here in India.
Regarding my return. I may inform you that I am now 90% cured & I can immediately return but I want to return with permanent visa. Please therefore consult Mukunda, Brahmananda & Co. & do all the necessary action. I shall expect your reply touching all the points made herein to my Calcutta Address. Hope you are well.
Your ever well-wisher

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
N.B. I have received the letter of Jadurany. Please offer my blessing for her. I shall reply her letter touching all the points duly.