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671006 - Letter to Satsvarupa written from Delhi

Letter to Satswarupa (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Satswarupa (Page 2 of 2)

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
C/o Madan Dutta
76,Durgacharan Doctor Road

October 6,67

My Dear Satswarupa,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to thank you for your letter of 29th September 1967 and have noted the contents very carefully. The letter which you have enclosed therein to facilitate my permanent Visa appears to be nice but if an invitation or provisional appointment as lecturer is possible, I think that will be still nicer.

I am going to Calcutta with Achyutananda and Ramanuja to visit Lord Chaitanya's birthsite at Mayapur. So until further information, you can address my letters to the above mentioned Calcutta address.

Kirtanananda may be eager to address in the Harvard university but recently he has lost his link on account of disobedience. You sing every day morning that by the mercy of the Spiritual master one can please the Lord and one who has not pleased the spiritual master cannot have any access in the realm of Krishna Consciousness. Very recently Kirtanananda has developed a different consciousness of Maya which is called misuse of one's minute independence offered by Krishna. By misuse of one's independence one at once becomes a victim of Maya and thus he loses all importance in Krishna Consciousness. So it is my definite opinion that his lecture anywhere now will bear no spiritual sequence. He must rectify his mistake before he can play in our Society any important role. By lips he says that he is a surrendered soul but by action he is thinking differently.

I may inform you in this connection that photo offset copies of the following testimonials are lying in my apartment in New York. Namely
1. Certificate from Sri Chaitanya Matha Mayapur,
2.         "           "     Institute of Oriental Philosophy Vrindaban
3.         "           "     Keshavji Goudiya Matha, Mathura.
4.         "           "     Goudiya Samghasram, Calcutta.
5.         "           "     New York University
If it is possible to get an official or provisional appointment letter through the influence of Mr. Ross and on the strength of the above certificates, it will be easier to get the permanent visa.
Regarding Manuscripts you can hold on till my arrival or next letter in this connection. The thing is that there is regular negotiation with M/s MacMillan Co for taking up the publication. Brahmananda in his recent letter has informed that the sanction is awaiting the President's signature. So let us wait a few days more for the final word.

I can understand that you have secured a very nice place in Boston and there is very good possibility of pushing our movement amongst the students community there. Our movement is certainly very much appealing to the younger section of your country and if we are successful in the matter of attracting the students community in your country certainly this movement will scatter all over the world and the foretelling of Lord Chaitanya that in every village and every town of the world the [text missing] will be famous for His glorious Samkirtan movement. Please try for this your heart and soul and your life will be a successful mission.
I can understand the hint which you give me about Haimabati and Hansadutta. As a matter of fact woman is like fire and the man is like the butter pot. They must keep apart for healthy atmosphere. But in your country the social system is different. In fact in our society, at least, we should make separate arrangement of residence for the boys and girls. Gradually we have to organise like that.

I am always aspiring after returning at your care and overload you with typewriting tasks. You have done this work always very nicely and sincerely and a secretary like Satswarupa Brahmachary is a great fortune for me. I hope we shall very soon meet again and help each other in the matter of discharging Krishna consciousness engagements. I am now 90% alright and I think I can return now safely. This typewriting work is done by me. For two days I am alone and doing everything myself as experiment. This proves that I am now well. Please offer blessing to all the boys and girls there.
Your ever well wisher

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

Sriman Satswarupa Brahmachary
International Society For Krishna
Consciousness Inc.
95, Greenville Avenue
Boston (Allston) Mass.
U.S.A. 02134.

A,C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
C/o Madan Dutta
76, Durgacharan Doctor Road,