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671008b - Letter to Subala written from Delhi

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Letter to Subal

10/8/67 [handwritten]

My Dear Subala,

Please accept my blessings. I am very glad to understand that your service attitude for propagation of Krishna Consciousness is progressively increasing. Krishna Consciousness is such a nice thing that the more you work for the cause, the more you become enthusiastic to execute the purpose. Your wife is always assisting you so why make her unhappy by uttering something which is unnecessary and unpleasant? Even if you accept vanaprasta there is no restriction for keeping one's wife in company. Only a Sannyasi can not have any connection with woman. Just as a brahmachari. In my opinion, your wife and yourself are nicely executing my mission and please try to follow my instructions and you shall never be unhappy.

If you think I can be on television by the first week in December, then you can arrange for it because I must be in your country by the middle of November. Hope you are well.