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671102 - Letter to Himavati written from Navadvipa

Letter to Haimavati (Text Missing at End)

Nov. 2, 1967

My Dear Haimavati,
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated 26 Oct. and I may advise you that in your pregnant condition you may not take any pungent foodstuffs. Your husband knows how to prepare nice chappaties and you can take them nicely buttered. Don't be mortified with Kirtanananda's behavior. The present feature of Kirtanananda and Hayagriva are temporary manifestation of maya. They will be corrected as soon as I return. You have rightly said that he and Hayagriva came like two children and took their things from the temple. Don't you think that all this is childish activities? If Kirtanananda donated the candle holders and clothes to the Temple of Krishna how could he take them back for his own purpose. If they think impersonally that Krishna is present everywhere, how could they think of Krishna not being present in the New York Temple. So all their activities are befitting children; so as children commit mistakes and again reforms similarly they will be reformed in due course. After their malady of impersonalism is over. You can go on with you regular classes, chanting Hare Krishna sincerely, without taking seriously into account the childish activities of Kirtanananda and his friend. Leave the [text missing] to Krishna. Hope you are well.