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671105 - Letter to Rayarama written from Calcutta

Letter to Rayarama

Nov. 3, 1967
My dear Rayarama, Please accept my blessings. In replying your letter of Oct 21, I offer to you my sincere most blessings for the most kind words that you have sent me as a sincere devotee. This attitude of service will help you progress in Krishna Consciousness and perfect Krishna Consciousness will help us to go back to home, back to Godhead. I have already sent you my congratulations for improving the get-up of BTG and I am sending news to Goursundar for his wonderful service to the cause. I've received one letter from Hyagriva expressing his sorrow about Kirtanananda's plight in relation with his God-brothers. He has complained that some of the boys had spat upon Kirtanananda's body and it is a fact it is the most regretable incident. The fact is that once combined in Krishna Consciousness, one cannot be separated at any time but the incident of separation from the society of Kirtananda and Hyagriva is accidental. I had advised that Kirtananda should be asked to not speak but I never asked that he should not enter the Temple. We invite outsiders to come and hear our kirtans but I think Kirtananda might have been disturbing the peace of the Temple and therefore you all [handwritten] asked him not to enter the Temple. I do not know what had actually transpired but the incident is not very happy. If possible the boy who had spat upon Kirtanananda in the presence of Hyagriva must be requested to send a letter of regret and apology for the mistake he had done. I have already given you a list of good behavior for the devotees. The person who is a devotee must develop those good qualities. Kirtanananda's attempt to defy me might have provoked all these undesirable incidences, but in the future we shall be very much careful to deal in such provocative situations; I can understand the provocation in this situation was set in motion by Kirtanananda's uncalled for behavior. Hope you are well.
Your ever well-wisher

A.C. Bhaktivedanta, Swami