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671111 - Letter to Prabhus from Achyutanandana

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11 November, 1967

From Achyutananda

Jai Prabhus,

The Swami has asked me to stay in India for some time now so I’m going to apply for citizenship, it only takes 2 yrs. Please send some phony letters giving me recommendation from the society. I say phony because I really have no qualifications that would impress the gov’t. Both Ramanuja and myself will be engaged in restoring part of the Radha Damodar Temple (Srila Jiva Goswami’s) we hope to eventually get the whole temple in the Swami’s name. This can help in the letters of recommendation. Restoring an ancient place of pigrimage and its maintenance! Last night I dreamt that you had all come to Vrindaban, Pradyumna was reprimanding someone to let the Swami have His rest. Dreams in Krishna Consciousness are not maya, nobody said or did anything that he wouldn’t ordinarily do and every one was Krishna Conscious. Please write often your letters are like having you all right here like the dream. I’m going to try and smuggle some soil, Jumuna water, tulasi leaves etc. from Vrindaban over to you to be kept as holy relics. Hope you are all well,

Achyutananda das