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671129 - Letter to Nandarani from Ramanuja

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28 November, 1967

From Ramanuja

My Nandarani Prabhu, ['Dear' was left out]

Please accept my obeisances. It is indeed so unfortunate that all is not peace and happiness in L.A. I am almost sorry I did not stay to help you out as with my presence the situation might not be so tight. If Subal das thinks that just by receiving a little praise that he is somehow too special for the rest of the devotees than certainly he has a 180 degree wrong attitude of what a devotee is. If anyone of the devotees thinks that he and [text missing] is solely able to interpret the spiritual master’s teaching [text missing] one step from hell. Anyway the whole thing will be [text missing] as soon as Swamiji returns. His idea is that you will [text missing] presidency of L.A. and that Subal should return to Santa Fe. Swamiji has said that once a center has been [text missing] der no circumstances must it be closed. We are beginning [text missing] that these express orders have not been carried out in [text missing] Santa Fe, as we hear news from all the devotees that are suppose to be there but [text missing] them are in Sante Fe. Anyway may you always continue in [text missing] ce of Swamiji and may Krishna see you throught this [text missing] difficulty.

Your servant;