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671208 - Letter to Subal from Ramanuja

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8 December, 1967

From Ramanuja

My dear Subal das,

Please accept my obeisance. Swamiji has deputed me to answer your letter of Dec. 2, as he is very busy with preparations for starting for America. You will be very glad to know that Swamiji will arrive at San Francisco on Dec. 14. The riots weren’t so bad. They didn’t even affect us except in delaying Swamiji’s return. After this delay there was another delay caused by Swamiji’s health running down. He is feeling a little better now but still when he returns to America he musn’t do too much work until he is fully recuperated. I have already given instructions in this regard to San Francisco.

It is nice that you are devoted to re-opening the temple in Santa Fe. Swamiji has said that once a center has been opened it should not be closed. Also it is understanding that there have been some personality difficulties in Los Angeles. I think that the key to getting along with others lies in Sikshastak Shlokas composed by Lord Chaitanya. Particularly the 3rd. shloka . Swamiji has personally explained to me that where it says that one must offer all respects to others it means all others and not just Vaishnavas. So accusations and counter-accusations will never do it [if] one is to make spiritual advancements. If it is just impossible to settle personality differences between Godbrothers, then the best thing is to separate. I feel competent in writing this advice as it is very similar [to that] given by Swamiji to Hayagriva. That is, it is not manufactured by me. Another point in this regard is the 6th. Shloka 6th. Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita where it says that one’s own self is one’s own enemy and one’s own self is one’s own friend. In reality you have no enemies except yourself and once this is realized one is at peace with the world. It is implied elsewhere in the Gita that one should never feel offended with the world.

Well, please forgive me for preaching but it is getting to be a habit with me as Swamiji has asked me to address the various groups which happen to invite us to their functions.

May Krishna ever guide in His service more and more, life after life.

Your God-brother,

Ramanuja das Brahmachary