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680207 - Letter to Janardan from Govinda dasi

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7 February, 1968

From Govinda Dasi

[Included in 680207 letter to Janardan.]

N. B. We received the plant in good condition, but the direction sheet for it arrived on the following day. So the plant was put into the refrigerator for about 24 hours. Please let us know if this may have harmed it. After we received the directions, it took several days to locate and purchase the linden, during which time the plant stayed in two bowls of pre-boiled room temp. water. We still have not located two wide mouthed gallon jars, but the plant is in two one-quart bowls, with the proper fraction of linden and sugar and honey for that amount of water. We hope to get the jars within a few days, but they are difficult to find. Please let us know if the cold it endured may have harmed it severely. Thank you very much for sending it, and we are looking forward to using the juice you have described.

Govinda Dasi