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680610 - Letter to Harivilasa written from Montreal

Letter to Harivilas (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Harivilas (Page 2 of 2)

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Letter sent in reply to your letter dated June 10, 1968

My Dear Harivilas,

Please accept my blessings. I am so glad to receive your letter dated June 10, after a long time, and I have gladly noted your activities in that part. I think your chanting of Hare Krishna regularly is being responded by Krishna and He is giving you good sense how to make preaching propaganda on behalf of His Lordship. It is confirmed in the Srimad Bhagavatam, as you might have seen it, that one who hears about Krishna, for him, Krishna helps in various ways and the first thing is that He cleanses the mind of all dusty matter and by continuing such chanting and by reading regularly Srimad Bhagavatam, one becomes gradually freed from the influence of passion and ignorance, and thus becomes situated in goodness. In such platform one can engage oneself in serious devotional service, and thus one becomes illuminated with the transcendental knowledge of Krishna. This stage is called liberated stage, and at this time one becomes freed from all doubts and material bondage, and thus his life becomes successful. Please try to follow this principle, and I am sure you will be happy and successful in your execution of this Krishna Consciousness movement.

As you have liked the place Hrishikesh, why not try to establish yourself there and organize a center for our ISKCON there. I know that many European and American students go in that part of India to search out real spiritual enlightenment, but unfortunately they fall in the trap of so-called yogis and are misled. If you can draw such searching students to this real platform, spiritual platform of Krishna Consciousness, it will be a great service to the western students, as well as to Lord Krishna.

As regarding the Deities, I may inform you that immediately I require one pair of Deity for Montreal, and next, another pair for London. Besides that, we have got already 9 branches in your country of USA, and for each of them I require one pair for installation. I do not know how I can get these Deities, but they are manufactured in Vrindaban. I do not know how I can approach the Indian people, at large, but I am approaching Krishna only.

If you can manage, I can send you 1000 record albums, and the price of such records will be about $4000, which means according to Indian exchange, about 40,000 Rs. Now if you can manage to sell these records and/or distribute them free to respectable persons, and take some contribution for the Deity, that will be nice, instead of appealing as suggested by Mr. Poddar. Mr. Poddar or Mr. Lal or Mr. Dalmia, all of them know about our activities, and Mr. Dalmia told me that there is demand for the record albums and I already sent 5 record albums to him. Now, if you can arrange with their cooperation to exchange 1000 record albums for 20 pairs of Murtis, it will be a great service to the society. On one side, we shall be able to distribute our Hare Krishna chanting, and the other side, we shall have 20 pairs of Deities for installing at least in 20 places. I think you can do this service conjointly, Achyutananda, and Jaya Govinda and yourself. And then gradually you can develop two or three centers in India, one in Vrindaban, one in Hrishikesh, and one in Bombay. I do not bother about Calcutta because there are many centers of my God-brothers there. Recently I have received one letter from one of our senior God-brothers, he is living in Bombay. I have suggested him to open a branch of our society and if he agrees then I shall ask some of you to go there. Many other students are ready to go to India, and if you work conjointly, without quarreling amongst yourselves, a tremendous service can be done towards the expansion of our mission. Please therefore try to execute this program peacefully for the sake of Lord Krishna, to Whom you have all dedicated your lives.

Regarding preaching work: If you simply reproduce verbatim the purports which I have given in the Srimad-Bhagavatam, and chant Hare Krishna with ecstasy, that will be sufficient for your preaching work, and as you do it seriously and sincerely, Krishna gives you more and more strength for this noble missionary work.

No, there is no need of sending the Kalyan books as you have mentioned, not yet. Just read Srimad Bhagavatam, our three volumes, regularly and repeatedly. It is no use reading many books, it is better to assimilate one book and that is sufficient.

I have received no reply from Achyutananda for a long time, and I have sent a strong reminder to Jaya Govinda. Next time I will write about his cooperating with you in answering your letters promptly, and sending you literature as you require for your preaching work.

I am so glad that your Kirtan is driving away the Mayavadi philosophers from that part of the country, and Haridvar and Hrishikesh are full of impersonalists. If you can drive them away by your vibration of Hari Kirtan, Krishna will be so much pleased and Lord Chaitanya will shower His blessings upon you.

Yes, in New York they are organizing very nice Kirtan party and getting good response from the public. They are collecting $30-$40 in each Kirtan performance, and selling Back To Godhead. So you try to execute this program and Krishna will give you necessary intelligence be assured.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami