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680819 - Letter to Tamala Krishna written from Montreal

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

August 19, 1968

My Dear Tamala Krishna,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated August 13, 1968, and noted the contents with so happiness. I am glad to see in your letter indication that within very short time, you have been entrapped by Lord Krishna's Grace and you have expressed your transcendental feelings in such a nice way, that I cannot but admire your capacity to grasp so quickly about the whole philosophy and I must pray to Lord Krishna for your more and more advancement in Krishna Consciousness, and be happy and successful even within this very life. That is my ardent desire.

The Krishna Consciousness is certainly the need for the western countries; I think timely I have come to your country, and if the younger generation like you will cooperate with me, I am certain this movement will give the western youngsters a transcendental gift which will be recorded in the progress of history. I am so much grateful to you and other devotees of the Krishna Consciousness society that it gives me a great pride that Krishna has given me association of such nice boys.

So far the nectarine of Krishna Consciousness is concerned, it is actually the thirst-quenching element of the dry material advancement. One Vaisnava poet, has sung so nicely, that this material world is just like a desert, and to cover the desert oceans of water are required. But if somebody tries to water the desert of our heart with such seemingly water, namely, the association which was aspired by Mr. Alexander Shellkirk, I think you have this poetry, an English poetry which we read in our childhood in India, that one Mr. Alexander Shellkirk, he is lamenting, he was thrown in isolated island, that society, friendship and love, divinely bestowed upon man. This is of course true. The society, friendship and love as we materially experience have got some fascination, but such fascination is compared by the poet Vidyapati as a drop of water of the ocean. His purport of singing is that, My dear Lord, this drop of water which we derive from the association of society, friendship, and love, what it can do in the desert of my heart? But unfortunately, I am attached to this drop of water only and have forgotten You. Therefore my future is very much hopeless, and I am seeking you, My Master, as the only solution. So this is the process. The material advancement cannot give actual happiness to the people and the Krishna Consciousness movement will surely quench the parched throat of all materialistic persons, if they are properly administered under the guidance of disciplic succession of previous acaryas, beginning from Lord Caitanya intermediated by the Goswamis, and followed by us. So my request to you is that you are doing very nicely, I have heard from other students that your attempt to spread Krishna Consciousness movement in San Francisco is very laudable, please continue your energy in that way.

About my coming to San Francisco, I have already written to Jayananda. I am always hankering after going there, but because there are some other program, immediately, so please ask all the devotees on my behalf to wait and in the meantime, enjoy chanting Hare Krishna. The chanting Hare Krishna is our main business, that is real initiation. And as you are all following my instruction, in that matter, the initiator is already there. Now the next initiation will be performed as a ceremony officially, of course that ceremony has value because the name, Holy Name, will be delivered to the student from the disciplic succession, it has got value, but in spite of that, as you are going on chanting, please go on with this business sincerely and Krishna willing, I may be coming to you very soon. I have already written to Jayananda about this, so don't be impatient. Pray to Krishna that I may meet you very soon.

Regarding the devotees headed by Mukunda and Syamasundara, who are going to London, they are starting today for New York, and from there they will go to London. One boy from here, Sivananda, he has already gone to Europe, probably Krishna has desired that we should introduce this movement in Europe also, maybe we may require many hands, devotees who are being trained in USA, to go to all other parts of European countries. Your appreciation for the service of your God-brothers is very much laudable. This is actually a devotee's business that everyone should appreciate the value of other devotees. Nobody should criticize anyone. Because everyone is engaged in the service of the Lord, according to one's capacity, and the thing is, Krishna wants to see how much one is sincere in rendering Him service. Materially we may think that his service is greater than his, that is our material vision. Actually on the spiritual platform, the service rendered by a calf to Krishna and service rendered by Radharani and Her Associates, to Krishna, there is no difference. Krishna is so kind and liberal that everyone's service, when it is sincerely offered to Krishna, He accepts. This is the statement in the Bhagavad-gita. That He accepts a little bit of flower, fruit, and water, offered to Him in devotion and love. He wants our love and devotion, otherwise, he is the Proprietor of everything, what can we give Him? This position of our subordination should always be maintained and we should always give respect to our pure devotees who are engaged, in devotional service, that will make us able to make a progressive march in the devotional line.

Thanking you once more, for your very nice letter, and hope you are all well there.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. Please find out my stationary somewhere in the basement kept by Upendra and send them here. Inform Jayananda that I have received his check for $75.00. ACB