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681015 - Letter to Nandarani written from Seattle

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

October 15, 1968

My Dear Nandarani,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 11, 1968, and I am glad to note that you are arranging for my lectures in Los Angeles in several places, so the boys and girls in the Sankirtana party they are also going very soon to Los Angeles, perhaps by the end of this week, or in the middle of this week, so far I understand. And for myself, I shall go to Vancouver for a few days by the 24th of October, and from there I shall go to Los Angeles; that is the present program. And the future rests on Krishna. So far Mr. Fugate is concerned, I can understand that he is little proud of his becoming advanced in mystic understanding. But actually by his behavior, he does not appear that he is very much advanced in spiritual matters. Anyway, he is good friend and he might have been angry on plain speaking of Mahapurusa, because he has not learned any social convention, so his talks might have injured Mr. Fugate's sentiment. So you try to pacify him. In the meantime, I am enclosing one letter which he addressed to Rupanuga, and from this letter it appears that he is willing to help us, so don't reject him. Try to keep contact with him. And as he has got some inclination, for Krishna Consciousness, in future, he may come to the right understanding.

I am very much pleased with your preaching enthusiasm, when you say, "If people won't come to us, here, we will go to them." And this is the process of preaching, and this is required. I thank you very much for your this spirit. Just like I have come to your country, with the same spirit. Actually, still even in so much fallen condition of India, if one has to learn spiritual science, then he must consult some bona fide spiritual master, in India. That is the opinion of a great Chinese author. So people are not going there, neither Government has any arrangement to educate this spiritual science. So therefore I have come to your country, and those who are eager to receive, they are coming to us. In this way, we have to forward our mission. We may not expect good behavior from people where we go to preach, still we have to do that. The best example is Lord Jesus Christ, he was crucified by the people who were not very much advanced. From their behavior it may be known that the people at that time or at least the place where Lord Jesus Christ preached, they are not very much advanced, otherwise they would not have dared to crucify such a nice saintly person. So preaching work is always like that. But one who is real preacher, he shall be undeterred, and go on keeping his objective to the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord.

Regarding your question: The spirit soul of Krishna's entourage, all the associates of Krishna or anyone situated in Vaikuntha the spiritual sky, never mind, either in Vaikunthas or in Krishna Loka, they have no separate body. Just like Krishna has no differentiation between body and soul, similarly, those who are transferred or living eternally in the spiritual sky, they haven't got also such distinction, between spirit and body. The body is also spiritual and the soul is also spiritual. Not only the body, everything, all spiritual. The spiritual world is expansion of Krishna's spiritual or internal energy. So there is no difference of body. But if somebody comes from the spiritual world for material activities, he has to accept the material body, but that is not applicable in the case of the Supreme Lord. Because he does not come to the material world for some material enjoyment. Mayavadi philosophers they also say that when God comes also in the material world, He has to accept the material body but that is not a fact. Because even God accepts a material body, apparently, still He does not act materially. Because both material energy and spiritual energy are under the control of the Supreme Lord; as such, He is completely powerful to transform matter into spirit, or spirit into matter. That is the position. So far associates of Krishna, they are expansion of His spiritual energy.

Regarding your question about Ravana: It is not a fact that every time whenever Krishna comes in this material world, the demons are, like Ravana, are always associate of Krishna who come here to fight with Him. The Jaya and Vijaya incident was a specific only. Not that every time they come. For them, the Lord's order that they would continue only three births, and then come back. So they went back; not that every time they have to come back and play the part of a demon. In this material world there is no scarcity of demons. There are so many demons, so Krishna has opportunity to fight with them. But that was a special case, who played the part of Ravana, Jaya and Vijaya.

Although I am very busy, still it is my duty to answer all inquiries from my disciples, so you never hesitate to write me letters, and whenever there is some inquiry, you must ask me, and it is my duty to explain. In the Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu it is stated that the inquisitive disciple advances very quickly in Krishna Consciousness. So I am very glad that you are so inquisitive, and trying to understand things in proper perspective. So I am always at your service, and you are welcome to write and inquire from me at any time. I hope this will meet you in good health, along with your child, Candramukhi, and husband; please convey my blessings to them.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

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