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681212 - Letter to Hansadutta written from Los Angeles

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Letter to Hansadutta (Page 1 of 2) (Page 2 Missing)

Tridandi Goswami
AC Bhaktivedanta Swami
Acharya: International Society For Krishna Consciousness

CAMP: 4501/2 N. Hayworth Ave.
          Los Angeles, Calif. 90048

DATED ..December...12,................196..8

My Dear Hansaduta,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letters of December 4th and December 7th, 1968 and also I have received the beautiful first edition of Back To Godhead in the French language. This is a great joy to me to see such publication being printed so nicely and my heartfelt thanks are due to Janardan, Dayal Nitai, Vaikunthanath, yourself and your wife, along with all the others who have helped to make this publication come so expertly. Such French edition was my great ambition and now that you have achieved success, I request you all to improve it continually so the French speaking people will have opportunity to take advantage of our Krishna Consciousness movement.

So now there is plenty engagement for everyone at the temple and if you can secure funds simply by selling our literature, by prasadam program and by some sewing labor, then it will not be necessary to take karmi jobs outside. So Krishna has given you very good facilities to be engaged and make profit at the same time for the temple so even though you may live poorly, if you can support yourselves simply with these activities it will be very good.

You have expressed some new ideas to improve BTG [handwritten] of the English Back To Godhead, but I think that there is no need to interrupt their way of thinking. Now you have a chance for your own edition so do it nicely and according to your own ideas. You are artist, so you have facilities to make a very nice edition to sell to the French public. Since in Montreal 75% of the populace are speaking French I think you have very good chance to popularize and improve this magazine.

So far as my book fund is concerned, you have said that you do not wish to take profit from this fund so as you like you may take the commission as Brahmananda has proposed and then you can return the profit to me in Los Angeles. That will keep the accounts clear. But somehow or other see that our books are sold very quickly. My book fund is now drained by $7,000 and I should fill up this gap very soon. I require to keep this fund because it is helpful in achieving the immigration papers as well as credit for such items as temples and books from MacMillan and Dai Nippon. This account should therefore always be kept for an emergency. Also, I next wish to publish a new book entitled Nectar of Devotion. So if you can help with these funds [text missing] it will be very appreciated.

You have asked about singing the prayers of Narottama Thakur and yes, they are very much approved in any language. Please convey my thanks to Janardana for the fine work he has done on the magazine and also request him to write to me about his future plans of going to France. He is a most sincere, important member of our society and I think that in France he may be able to do much to popularize our movement and to circulate our new French magazine.

Kindly convey my blessings to all members there and I hope you are all well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. Improve the Prasadam program as nicely as possible.