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690808 - Letter A to Manager, Bank of Baroda - Bombay written from Los Angeles

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[[Category:1969 - Letters with Scans of the Originals - rm1975 So La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90034checked]]

Letter to Manager, Bank of Baroda - Bombay

1975 So La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

August 8, 1969

Dear Sir,

I thank you very much for your letter No. FGN: 14/1026, dated July 30th, 1969. First of all I beg to draw your attention to the credit balance in my SB account #4966. I think the credit balance quotation by you, Rs. 280.55, is not correct. The last balance in my credit on the 24th of July, 1965 was Rs. 502.55. Since then I have added further amounts, and I do not find any amounts drawn since then. Therefore, the balance should be not less than somewhere around Rs. 800. I request you to send me immediately a statement of account and oblige. In the meantime I am enclosing a separate advice for transferring the balance of the League of Devotees to my personal account.

Regarding your inquiry of when I left India, I beg to inform you that I left India on the 4th of December, 1967, and I have no program to return back to India. Therefore, I beg to request you to send me some addresses of musical instrument dealers in Delhi. Most probably some of them might be your clients, and if you kindly advise them to send their catalog or price lists. That will be very kind of you. I have also noted your other instruction regarding Manufacturers Bank, Los Angeles, and I shall do the needful.



A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

The Bank of Baroda Ltd.
Post Box No. 1801
Mafatlal House
Backbay Reclamation