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690819 - Letter to Jananivasa written from Los Angeles

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Letter to Jananibas das Brahmachary

1975 So. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Calif. 90034

August 19th,            69

My Dear Jananibas das Brahmachary,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to thank you for your letter dated August 7th, 1969 and your prayer beads. There was some mix-up with these beads, and they have been sent to Krishna Kamini Dasi (Mrs. Jane Cline). Let her keep these beads. I am enclosing herewith another set of beads for you, duly chanted upon by me. Your initiated name is Jananibas das Brahmachary. You should chant on these beads 16 rounds every day and avoid the following offenses: 1. Blaspheming the Lord's devotee, 2. Considering the Lord and the demigods on the same level, 3. Neglecting the orders of the spiritual master, 4. Minimizing the authority of the Scriptures, 5. Interpreting the Holy Name of God, 6. Committing sin on the strength of chanting, 7. Instructing the glories of the Lord's name to the unfaithful, 8. Comparing the Holy Name with material piety, 9. Inattention while chanting the Holy Name, 10. Attachment to material things while engaged in the practice of chanting. The four basic regulative principles to be followed by all initiated devotees is as follows: no illicit sex life, no intoxication, no meat-eating or fish or eggs, and no gambling. If you will follow all of the above rules very carefully, then surely you will make very nice advancement in Krishna Consciousness and your life will be sublime.

Actually, one who is Krishna Consciousness is to be understood as the topmost intelligent man and the best yogi. The whole purpose of the yoga system is to gain control of the mind and concentrate the full attention on Lord Vishnu within the heart. In Krishna Consciousness, by chanting the Hare Krishna Mantra, we immediately fix our mind upon Krishna's Name, which is exactly identical to Krishna Himself, and Krishna is the source of Lord Vishnu. So one who has taken fully to Krishna Consciousness must be accepted as having surpassed all of the perfections obtained in other yoga processes. This idea is confirmed by Krishna Himself in Bhagavad Gita when He instructs Arjuna that one who worships Him in transcendental loving service is the highest of all yogis. Now you have very good opportunity to make perfection of your life, and do it very, very seriously in the association of your Godbrothers. Help Pradyumna, Jaigopal and the others as much as possible to propagate the Samkirtan Movement, and surely Krishna will bestow all blessings upon you. I hope this will find you well.

Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami