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691125 - Letter to Manager of First National City Bank written from London

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Letter to Manager of First National City Bank

[all handwritten]
manager - F. N. C. B
Nov 25, 1969

Dear Sir,
Replying your letter of November 6, 1969 I beg to send you herewith as follows:

1) My Passbook a/c No. 042016131 with your Grand Street branch.
2) Six pieces of paper duly signed by me on the cross spots as marked by you.
3) Two checks:
No. 59-102/1213 for $30.00
No. 137 for 15.00 for credit of my a/c.

Please return the Passbook duly made up registered mail, and send me a few pieces of deposit slips for savings bank a/c.[handwritten]

Yours truly,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

For registered mail
Enclosure: 9