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700210 - Letter to Syamasundara written from Los Angeles

Letter to Shyamsundar (Page 1 of 3)
Letter to Shyamsundar (Page 2 of 3)
Letter to Shyamsundar (Page 3 of 3)

Tridandi Goswami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness

CENTER:1975 So. La Cienega Blvd.
             Los Angeles, Cal.    90034

DATE ....February10.............19.70

My Dear Shyamsundar,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your two letters dated January 31 and February 3, 1970 respectively. Your attitude of humbleness and meekness in the service of Krishna Consciousness is the only qualification which can lead us to upper grade of Krishna Consciousness, and this is the version of Lord Chaitanya. Your service is appreciated not only by me, but all other members of the Society.
Recently I received one letter from Bhagavandas and the copy of my reply to that letter is enclosed herewith, please find. Now everyone has heard how strenuously you induced George Harrison to contribute for our Krsna book. The delay of payment was not due to your so-called "negligence," but it was due to the tricks of the lawyer, Mr. Klein. Anyway, now we have got the money, let us forget the delay. I have received one letter from Dai Nippon and they have informed me that it will take at least 85 days for finishing the printing work completely. I am going to submit the manuscript and pictures.
Now, according to their calculation, we shall have the book ready by the 15th of May, 1970. Your suggestion to introduce Krsna book along with the new record is very welcome. When do you expect the release of the records? I think it must be before the 15th May, 1970. Under the circumstances, I wish to print a few thousands of a small booklet regarding Krsna book, with a few pictures, giving a short description of Krsna on the cover page - [handwritten]

The Supreme rich, powerful, famous, and beautiful
Personality of Godhead without any material
attachment is now available in book form
(400 pages reading matter and 52 colorful
illustrations) in first-class hardbound and
woodfree paper printed. Those who have heard
the "Hare Krishna Mantra" record as well as
"Govindam" will do well by procuring this
de-luxe book and keep at home as a great treasure.

Try to understand the basic principles of the great movement
"Kṛṣṇa Consciousness"

The above will be a sub-clause on the pamphlet.

I think if George writes a small foreword, then we can include it along with other description in the pamphlet. I think if we issue such prologue pamphlet and put it within the paper cover of the album, we can expect some order from many customers before the book is out of the press, and in that case perhaps we have to mention the price and delivery terms to save time. If the shopkeepers who will sell the records will send us order, we shall give them sufficient trade discount. So I shall be glad to hear from you how you like this idea. If you like it, then please let me know by return mail the latest date on which you will require them, so that I can arrange for that.
I am so glad to learn that you are always gazing on the Sri Murti in our Temple, and this is also very much helpful in advancing Krishna Consciousness.
I understand that you have now some changes in the posts of the officers, but one thing you must remember that Tamal has to move at least in the three main centers of Europe and therefore you three directors or founders must have to learn the ways and means of administration from Tamal so that in his absence you may not feel any difficulty. As we are increasing the number of our centers and as it is not possible for me to move [handwritten], I am just trying to train three or four of the advanced boys to work as the superintendents of the centers. Now you will be glad to know that we have our branch in Australia also.
I am glad that your press release propaganda is going very nicely and I shall request you to include the names of our books and publications as far as possible. When such press releases are printed, send me the copies regularly. It will be a great advantage for us as well as for the people in general if the press reporters can ventilate the idea of one God, one religion, one Scripture, one Mantra, and one people throughout the whole world.
I have seen the list of "Hare Krishna Mantra" record distribution and I am surprised to see that Germany alone has taken 57,000 records. Therefore we should open more branches in Germany immediately. So Krishna das has also written me about this prospect and I have asked Hansadutta to go to Germany via London immediately for this purpose and I have written to Tamal about this. For you this engagement of press propaganda, I think, is the best occupation, assisted by Gurudas.
I am very glad to note that you have marked the secret weapon of Krsna's beauty, and this weapon was introduced by Lord Chaitanya. In the Srimad Bhagwatam it is clearly said that Lord Chaitanya's Associates are the weapons for conquering over the influence of this age, Kali Yuga. Try to realize this fact more and more and you will be victorious in every field for pushing on our Krishna Consciousness movement.
I am so glad to learn that you wish to distribute the Krsna book in Europe to the extent of minimum 2,500. It does not matter what it is, but you try your best--that is required. Regarding Rathayatra festival, I have already written to Achyutananda for the exact date which I shall send you as soon as possible. But you can make arrangement of this Rathayatra festival for taking place sometimes in the month of July. Last year it was a great pleasure for me to participate in the S.F. Rathayatra; so this year, if you invite me, certainly I shall go to London; but for transcendental competition with S.F. you have to introduce three Rathas as they are done in Jagganath Puri. But if it is difficult for many reasons, then you can accommodate all the three Deities on one Ratha.
Regarding the building, certainly it will be very nice to secure it for our central movement in London. I think the royalties which you may have for 200,000 "Hare Krishna Mantra" records may immediately be employed for this purpose.
Regarding your staying in London, you must do it by all means and utilize the facilities offered by George's cooperation.
Regarding World Samkirtan Party, we can attempt for this great task if somebody comes forward to sponsor the trip. We cannot do it ourself. We must remain free from the side of financial responsibility. Whenever you feel some difficulty you may consult me. If there is possibility of such sponsoring agency, do try for it seriously.
Regarding George's request to supervise the work in his monastery, I think you should help him because he is our good friend and by that way you shall be able to utilize his telegraph machine, etc. This is a good plan; I completely approve of this.
I hope this meets you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


Sriman Shyamsundar das Adhikary
7 Bury Place
London W.C. 1

P.S. London center must also pay my monthly maintenance as others are
paying. [handwritten]