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701115 - Letter to Jayapataka written from Bombay

Letter to Jaya Pataka (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Jaya Pataka (Page 2 of 2)

International Society for Krishna Consciousness Inc.
Acharya-His Divine Grace 108 Sri Srimad A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad
CAMP: c/o Kailash Seksaria; 74 Marine Drive; Bombay-20


Los Angeles
New Vrindaban, West Virginia
November 15th, 1970

My Dear Jaya Pataka Maharaja,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated October 29, 1970, and have noted the contents carefully. I beg to thank you for your complete report of the situation in Calcutta and I am replying the points one by one.
Here in Bombay we are getting good response to our membership program and I am sure in Calcutta you can also get good response. Now the holiday is done, so you can begin work on this immediately. This membership program cannot be neglected. Do not rely on anyone else for such matters, but go out and do your own work.
I can judge from your letter that Mr. Jaju is not very much interested and the others have brought in many different points of contention, so stop all controversial points. Try first of all for the Hamilton house. Jhajharia is going to help in this connection. Hamilton house can be transacted with the help of Jhajharia and when there is solid proposal, we shall immediately finish the transaction. Regarding Jhajharia, whenever he talks such nonsense as you have noted, don't accept it. When he speaks such foolish words, just ask him to refer to Prabhupada and you set it aside. Work cooperatively with him on transacting the Hamilton house, that's all.
Regarding Dhandharia's fear of his or someone else's incurring great expense from the devotees stay at their place, because he is afraid there is no question of joining his Samkirtan Party because they are unable to maintain our men. So in this connection of our large expense, I have asked them to live independently without depending on any -rias.
So far the place in Mathura is concerned, yes, without its being permanent we are not going to accept. I am very much obliged to your feeling as my humble servant and that will help your advancement in Krsna Consciousness. If Dhandharia is speaking as you describe, better to be silent and stop these dealings rather than create some further enmity.
I have already applied to the Magh mela Committee. and have received a letter of acceptance from them and have written to Dr. N. R. Sen Gupta to help us. Dhandharia has invited you to Gorakhpur and I have already asked you to go to Gorakhpur because we want to organize a center there. If you go with Dhandharia and he meets the expense, that is nice, and meet Kirtanananda Maharaj and Ramananda there and then I shall also go there.
Regarding your collecting is concerned, persons who donate should not receive membership for such donation, membership is different. Fifty per cent should go each to the Temple Fund and to my Book Fund. For the 50% put into my Book Fund, yes, they may receive credit for our book program; why not?
So far typist is concerned, he is a family man, he should not be asked to relinquish family life immediately. Let him come and go and learn our philosophy.
I have already replied the matter of brahmanical initiation thoroughly to Achyutananda Maharaj, so you may refer to his letter on the subject. I have sent that letter to him at the Vraja Dulal Street address, so I do not know if it has reached him. Anyway, I am enclosing a duplicate copy herewith, which please give to Achyutananda Maharaj.
About the matter of being accepted into the Vaikunthanatha Temple or other Temples, if you follow the restrictive regulations and always remain neat and clean, very soon everything obscure will become clear.
It is no use to learn Hindi or other languages, just try to learn to speak our Krsna Consciousness language very nicely.
Hope this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


His Holiness Jaya Pataka Swami
11b Jotindra Mohan Avenue