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710318 - Letter to Unknown from Unknown

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March 18, 1971


From: Unknown

Being in Calcutta now, I didn’t receive your letter until today, and as it may be awhile before I can write again, I’ll take this opportunity to reply. I’m just returned from Sridham Mayapur, where a party of us have spent 3 days observing the appearance day of Sriman Mahaprabhu. Srila Prabhupada remained here in Calcutta having received no invitation from the somewhat envious Goudia Math sanyasins of Mayapur and sent 12 of us ahead as his potency, to act for him. Mayapur is the central of 9 islands of Nabadwipa and it is inhabited only by some farmers and by devotees. There are 4 temples there, all Goudia Math, and they are very nice temple complexes, but they are not unified and no preaching work is going on from them – just regulated principles and eating and sleeping. On the holy day we went on pilgrimage through the heart of the island, having Samkirtan, and visiting all the holy places. On the island are the Samadhis (resting places) of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati, Srila Goura Kishore das Babaji, and, on the adjoining island, the resting place of Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur. We visited the place where Lord Chaitanya revealed Himself as the Supreme Person to Sri Advaita (the house of Sri Srinivas). He was seated then on a throne and worshipped by the assembled devotees for 21 hours with great reverence .This event is the subject matter of our Kiba Jaya Arotik song. The house of Sri Advaita is nearby, and at this place the ecstatic kirtan of the “young” Lord and His confidential devotees were held. This is also the place where He launched the Samkirtan movement and we also held nice kirtan there. The high point (very ecstatic!) came at His Birthplace. There is a nice temple there with wonderful Radha Krsna and Panchatattva deities (Gouranga Murtis are all over Nabadwip and very beautiful). Nearby, the Neem Tree where Nimai took birth is still standing (find worshipable leaves within), enshrined, and doing nicely. Under it a small shrine has been constructed, and within are the forms of Srimati Sachidevi holding the Baby Gouranga and Sri Jagganath Misra chanting japa nearby. These are the most beautiful Murtis I have ever seen and even my stony heart was softened as we held kirtan there, contemplating the mercy of Lord Krsna appearing in His devotional form to deliver us all, and the ecstatic love of Srimati Sachidevi for Him. In all these places we especially chanted “Jai Sachinandana, Jai Sachinandana”, thus fulfilling the prophecy of Srila Bhaktivinode that one day people from all over the world (we were from America, Europe, Canada, India, Pakistan and Japan) would gather at Mayapur and have kirtan together, chanting Jaya Sachinandana (Lord Chaitanya) and glorifying the Lord. Thus the main purpose was fulfilled, as many pilgrims saw us chanting Hare Krsna there, and I am too much blessed to have had the opportunity to help please Sri Guru and Gouranga in this way. Srila Bhaktivinode also predicted that in the near future, a great personality would come who would spread Krsna Consciousness over the whole world and I think there is little doubt that this great person is Srila Prabhupada – all indication point in his direction. All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gouranga! – He is quite healthy and preaching vigorously with wonderful effect (12 Indian boys were recently initiated after 2 weeks of his lecturing in Gorakhpur. He is going within days to Bombay for a big 2 week public lecturing engagement in downtown Bombay where he will teach tens of thousands and after that he will be traveling on—I think to New York, and finally to L.A., to resume his main work—translating Srimad Bhagwatam for our ultimate deliverance.

I am glad to hear that Santa Barbara yatra is improving over my worthless beginning, and that you are expanding S.K.P. to nearby towns as well. In your materially opulent region there are many intelligent youths and elders as well, – try hard to catch them for pushing on Prabhupada’s movement. Utilize the priceless fund of knowledge that Srila Prabhupada has given us in vigorous and intelligent preaching, and do nice kirtan, etc., and success is guaranteed – in the Shastras! This is undoubtedly the prime – indeed, the only benediction for all in this age. We should all pray daily to Lord Gouranga for grace in distributing it nicely, in order to be compassionate upon ourselves, and others, for Srila Prabhupada’s pleasure.

Letter from Hamsaduta Prabhu dated 3/27/71 (in part)

Here in Bombay we have organized the most spectacular exhibition and glorification of Krsna consciousness movement that has yet been done, even more grand than the Car Festival. Our program at the huge pandal (tent) capacity 25,000 persons, in the heart of Bombay (comparable to times square) started March 25th and from the very beginning it has proved to be a great success.15,000 persons crowded into the Pandal the first night and heard Srila Prabhupada with rapt attention, they saw Arotik performed by the “American Sadhus” with such enthusiasm that hours after it was over they were still pressing against the stage with wide-eyed amazement. Also we were distributing all day long halavah Prasadam. It takes ½ ton coal per day just to cook it. The pandal has every facility from telephone to bathrooms and a huge helium ball with the words Hare Krishna floats hundreds of feet above our location and it can be seen all over the Bombay are. At night this balloon is illuminated and Srila Prabhupada was very happy with this gimmick.