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710430 - Letter to Manager of Central Bank of India written from Bombay

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Letter to Manager of Central Bank of India, Bombay

P.O.Box No.387
Fort, Bombay-1

30th April, .               71

Manager, Central Bank of India
Gowalia Tank Road
Warden Court
79/31 Gowalia Tank Road

Re: My newly formed HSS a/c no. 14876, opened 20-3-71.

Dear Sir:

In reference to your letter no. 20/149 dated 21st April, 1971, I beg to inform you that generally I visit my branches in Bombay, Calcutta, Gorakhpur and Delhi and sometimes I go outside also. If you will kindly give me a general letter of introduction so that wherever I go I can show the local manager that letter and he will transfer my money without any charges. That will be convenient for both you and me.

I thank you very much for your giving this facility so that there will be no inconvenience for transferring my money by mail.

Yours sincerely,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami