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710725 - Letter to Sumati Morarjee written from New York

His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

July 25, 1971

Madame Srimati Sumati Morarji Baisaheba,

Please accept my greetings. You will be glad to know that this time while coming to U.S.A. from Bombay I went to Moscow also, and arrangement is being made to start a center there very soon with the help of some young Muscovites.

I hope that Sriman Madhudvisa Maharaja saw you in connection with dispatching some of my disciples to India. By the three Hare Krishna festivals perfomed in Allahabad, Calcutta and Bombay, it has been examined that people of India have not lost their Krishna Consciousness. During the festivals, especially in Calcutta and Bombay, daily 30,000 people were gathering and standing for three hours to appreciate our sankirtana movement. I have therefore decided to send more men from America to India to preach this cult all over the country. We require about 100 men minimum, out of whom there are about 40 men in Calcutta and Bombay and other places. I am therefore requesting you to carry these 60 men by your ships from N.Y. to Bombay or Calcutta.

You are always cooperating with my movement and thereby getting blessings from Krishna more and more. Kindly arrange for this dispatch of 60 men to India. I think you can dispatch every month at least 10 men either as passenger or crew, whichever you like. So kindly do the needful and oblige.

You wanted to contribute some pairs of Deities. Mr. R.D. Birla has already supplied six pairs of Deities from Jaipur. Similarly you can also donate Deities for being installed in these western countries.

Things are going on here very nicely. From India I went to Moscow and then to Paris. Then I went to San Francisco and then to Los Angeles. Then I went to Detroit, Boston and now I am staying in N.Y. From here, I shall go to Florida to deliver a lecture in the Gainesville University, and then I shall go to London. So kindly reply this letter to my London address given above.

Thanking in anticipation, I beg to remain

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami