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711013 - Letter to Dayananda and Nandarani written from Nairobi

Letter to Dayananda and Nandarani (Page 1 of ?) (Page Missing)

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:   c/o G.N. Shah
                P.O. Box no. 41442
                Nairobi, Kenya; E. Africa

DATE .......13th..October,........19.71

My Dear Dayananda and Nandarani,

Please accept my blessings and offer the same to your children Chandramukhi and Vilasani. I am in due receipt of your letters dated 7th October, and I am so glad to receive them. I am so pleased to see that you both have taken very seriously to improve the conditions of our London temple. Our London center is very important and it is already known all over Europe and what to speak of England. So try to develop this center to the best of your capacity. I am sure that now London temple is in the right hands. Both of you, husband and wife, attempted to improve the L.A. temple and Dayananda took so much risk to maintain it. I remember all these things. Now our L.A. temple has come to a very prominent position. So far I know Karandhar is managing it nicely and you have got sufficient experience as president of L.A. temple. Now you are president of London Temple, so please just try to raise it to the L.A. standard.
So far the roofless church, it is lying unused for so many years. Why not approach the authorities to give it to us as donation for this great cause, or else for a nominal lease-rent for 99 years? Then we can repair this church very nicely. I have seen it but still if you will kindly send me specifics of the land area, the inside area of the church and other particulars, then I can give you some suggestions. I think there is some spare land also surrounding the church. So all details may be supplied. But I think if we replace the roof and make necessary arrangements for living quarters it will be very nice. But so far the neighborhood is concerned, I am not very much optimistic. So you have to study the neighborhood also whether people will come to our church.
Out of all the churches that I saw during my stay in London, I found the old Paddington church very nice. Why not negotiate with this property? What is the difficulty? I like that church very much. It is quite suitable for London temple. But as soon as we get a nice church it will not be difficult to raise the money for that purpose. When George came to our L.A. temple he remarked - why not a nice temple in London like this one?
So you try to find out a nice church, preferably the Paddington one, and I think there will be no difficulty in raising the necessary funds. Our book sales are increasing. If we attempt to do something the Indian community also will contribute. George will also contribute. So try to find out the best one. Krishna will help you.
So far the accounts are concerned, it is a very important item. I am so glad to learn that you are taking assistance from a chartered accountant. We are a registered limited establishment. Accounts must be submitted yearly to the companies registrar. Then there will be no