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720000 - Letter to Gurudas from Shyamasundara

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[Handwritten on SP ltr of same date (April 25, 1972), to Gurudas & Yamuna.]

From: Shyamsundar

Dear Gurudas,

Please accept my humble obeisances. I have received a couple of letters and I beg to answer to follows: So far books are concerned, Karandhar sent 1500 unboxed sets of 3 (first priority before USA even) of Krishna Book paperbacks, 100 copies of Krsna Book poster, 1000 Hare Krishna Movement posters, and in the near future there will be about 2500 Srimad Bhagwatam 7 volumes (cantos I, II, III) 2000 TLC and 2000 NODs. So money-wise, 4500 Krishna Books @ .20c each = $900, 1100 posters @ .05c each = $55, 2500 SBs @ $2.50 = $6250, 2000 TLCs @ $2 = $4000, and 2000 NODs @ $3 = $6000, so total = $17,205 worth of books coming in near future, so at bank rate or Rs. 7.3 to $1, we need CCP for Rs. 1,25,600 approx. (cost price to us). O.K.? Found philosophy tapes! Your tapes I left with Malati to send you, along with some blank cassettes (3).Your photo-books (2 neg files) arrived night before we left, so I left them with her to be delivered to you by hand (she was going to Calcutta via Vrindaban for a few days) but apparently she is staying for awhile in Bombay, so I’ll write her to mail them to you. You remind her also, along with tapes…Thanks for first part of Vrindaban notes. Second part (?). I’ll send you a complete set of my GBC letters from USA…Tusta has a very nice temple in New Zealand.– More later.

Your servant,

Shyamsundar das