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720000 - Letter to Kishor from Shyamasundara

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From: Shyamsundar

My dear Kishor: Please accept my humble obeisances! A few days back I have purchased one very exquisite set of 42” white marble deities of Radha and Krishna (in Jaipur), complete with all paraphernalia: crowns, ornaments, flute, staff, (both silver), etc., plus some arotik items and other gear required for nice worship. My thought was to purchase these things for our Edinburgh Temple. But I must first know from you beyond any doubt whether or not your devotees will now and in the future be prepared, enthusiastic, qualified – and more than these things if you will be physically able, with sufficient qualified brahmins – to install such Deities and worship them to the highest ISKCON standard? I bought all of this stuff, for two reasons: 1) To install in Edinburgh when or if you’re ready, and 2) To install and worship here in Bombay during our up-coming pandal program in the Cross Maidan Park, from January 12th to 21st. So dresses will be made for Them, all accessories are there, so pending your personal guarantee, (and that must be given only after very, very careful consideration and consultation with the others present, Rebatinandan both there and in London), after the 21st January I shall dispatch Their Lordships by the first steamer to U.K., preferably to Glasgow or Liverpool. Now the thing is, for the whole lot, Deities and all, including shipping, packing, etc. etc., I will have shelled out approximately $600.00, or roughly 250 pounds. So let 50 pounds be my contribution, (most of that $600 I have borrowed from some money given to me by San Francisco Temple for buying three thrones for them, and that must be re-paid almost immediately, so will you be able to send me 200 pounds as quickly as possible? I know you are not rich, but Laxmi is coming to live with you Herself, and for such thing you only have to pay once, but what is that payment? The Queen herself, the richest man, could never purchase Bhagawan, Who is also Laxmipati! So send 200 pounds immediately as possible to me via American Express Company, to their branch in Bombay, have them wire it to their Bombay office, in the name of SAM SPEERSTRA, and meanwhile wire me at the above address of its being sent me in Bombay at 362963. We shall be here until Jan. 21st. Jai! Shyamsundardas

Reply immediately

P.S. Prabhupad just told me that Rebatinandan should certify to me by writing if, in his opinion, Edinburgh is ready for Deities.