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720213 - Letter to Hayagriva written from Madras

Letter to Hayagriva - re-typed copy

Tridandi Goswami, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, Date: Feb. 13, 1972; Calcutta

My Dear Hayagriva,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of Jan. 20, 1972, along with Cow Protection Report, and I am very pleased to hear that you are keeping things very nicely and yourself you are determined to follow strictly the regulative principles. I am very glad to learn that the regulative principles are being strictly followed, otherwise we shall fall down, victim of Maya. Yes, as in the case of Ranadhir, please institute these most important points of attending mongal artik and chanting 16 rounds, these are the most important points of Krishna Consciousness process. But make it so that people may not think too repressive so they will not go away--impressive but not repressive, that is the system. These regulative principles are our life, if they are not respected then we fall down from the standard and the whole thing is finished. As GBC you should see the standard is perfectly maintained, and that deity worship is perfectly done. Then Krishna will give us all protection. Neglecting the principles means neglecting Krishna's order. So you are one of the chief men of this Institution, kindly maintain your behavior to the standard so that others will follow and the whole thing may go on nicely. It was said about Lord Chaitanya: APANI ACARI PRABHU JIVERE SIKHAYA, that is, He personally used to practice Himself the injunctions and then He used to teach others. That is our principle: Unless one is perfectly behaved person, he cannot teach others. My only request is that all the GBC members should be strictly to the standard of life, and see that others are also following them. Then our centers will be well-managed. Kindly do that and advise your co-workers to do that.
Thank you for your invitation; this time when I shall come to your country I shall certainly go there to New Vrindaban.
Regarding your payment for deities, I had asked you for $400, so you have paid $200 and mention that balance is $100. Did you pay already $100 before? If not, the balance remains $200.
I am especially pleased that you are compiling booklets for ISKCON Press. Yes, that is their best work: small booklets and pamphlets. Leave the big books to Dai Nippon. Meanwhile, Shyamsundar has collected many tapes of me lecturing in Africa and India, and he is sending them to Jai Adwaita for transcribing. He shall request Jaya Adwaita to make one copy of each for sending to you also, and also one copy for the Krishna Radio Show in Los Angeles.
A few days back we have purchased a large 20,000 sq. yd. plot of land in the wealthy and most beautiful neighborhood of Bombay, and I have called Brahmananda here from Africa to work with the others to raise-up our first Hare Krishna City, with very nice temple and skyscraper apartments. In March, upon returning from Mayapur, I shall lay the cornerstone and the work will begin. We have collected sufficient funds to begin the work, and the rest will not be difficult to get. Part of the space will be used for a school and college of this Krishna Consciousness, especially to attract the bright young Indian boys and girls, so I think that you shall have to come here in future to take charge of such institution of learning, either in Bombay or in Mayapur.
I hope this will meet you in good health and happy mood.
Your ever well-wisher, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
n.b. I have read your Cow Protection Report, and I am very much encouraged, especially by your proposal to supply our centers with ghee. This should be done, and you can take money. Now I wish to donate 5 cows, so kindly send me the cost of 5 cows and I will send you check.