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721123 - Letter to Kurusrestha written from Hyderabad

Letter to Kurusrestha

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER: c/o Moti Bhawan,
              Somajigoda 5/A.
              Hyderabad-34, A.P., India.

DATE .......November..23,..1972.........

My dear Kurusrestha,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated November 13, 1972, and I can well appreciate how the things are going on nicely in your Denver center. I am very glad to hear all the good news, especially that you want to sell books more and more. That is the best preaching work; each book sold means there is some practical effect of preaching, there is some tangible progress. So try to sell books as many as possible in your country, and in this way, so long you remain active but not for your personal sense-gratification, so long you remain active only satisfying Krishna's senses, then this movement will be successful without any doubt. As soon as someone wants to satisfy his own senses, then he fails at everything. We are the only movement in the world which is preaching the real fact or secret to success, and outside our movement everything else will fail. So try to convince people to join us and be successful in their life, that will be your credit.
Now you are the leader of so many men, so you have got the blessings of Krishna's favouring you, because now He is forcing you to be responsible for becoming yourself perfectly example of Krishna Conscious devotee and making yourself perfectly example of Krishna Conscious devotee and making others Krishna Consciousness. Now become always attentive to all the aspects of your temple's activities, especially to the regulative spiritual life and preaching work. If this standard of devotional practices is maintained at the highest level, everything else you do will become automatically successful. And that will please me very much.
Upon your recommendation I have gladly accepted the five boy and girls as my duly initiated disciples, and their letter is enclosed. Also enclosed please find three sacred threads, duly chanted by me, and five copies of gayatri mantra. Now hold a fire yagna and give gayatri mantra to Arijit, Ananda Vardhana, Radha Damodar, Anuradha dasi and Bhaktilata dasi. Instruct them how to count on the finger divisions and play for them the tape of me chanting the gayatri mantra into their right ear. I think Karandhar has got the tape of me reciting gayatri mantra. The fire yagna can be held for all ten devotees.
Hoping this will meet you in good health.
Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

Kurusrestha das, ISKCON Denver.