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721220 - Resolution written from Bombay

December 20, 1972


At a meeting of the Bureau of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness held at A-11 Sea Face Park, 50, B. Desai Road, Bombay-26, on the 20th December, 1972, the following was resolved:

1. To open two Savings Bank Accounts with the Syndicate Bank, Hyderabad, under the titles of International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Building Fund, and International Society for Krishna Consciousness, Maintenance Fund.

2. Messrs. Subaladas Swami, Kesava Das, and Hariprasada Badruka will be the three Signators, any two of their Signatures being required at a time on all cheques. Their attested Signatures appear below:

Subaladas Swami
Kesava Das
Hariprasada Badruka

Bureau Members present were:
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
Syamasundara das Adhikari
Tamala Krishna Goswami