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730509 - Letter to Jayapataka and Bhavananda written from Los Angeles

Letter to Jayapataka and Bhavananda (Page 1 of 4)
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Letter to Jayapataka and Bhavananda (Page 4 of 4)

Tridandi Goswami
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami
International Society for Krishna Consciousness
CENTER:   Los Angeles
                3764 Watseka Ave.
                Los Angeles, California   90034

DATE ..May..9.....................19.73

My dear Jayapataka and Bhavananda,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated April 30 and am very pleased by the report.

Many students from America will very soon go there to learn the art of doll making as desired by you. It is better to go there and learn the art instead of the teacher coming here. Mayapur is already wonderful being the transcendental birthplace of Lord Caitanya. By utilizing western talents to develop this place certainly it will be unique in the world. As in Vrindavana we have named the temple Krsna-Balaram Temple, similarly I suggest that our Mayapur temple be know as Mayapur Candra temple or Mayapur Candrodaya. Whichever sounds better we should advertise from now.

I know there are many weavers who daily go from this side of the river to Navadwip side for working in handweaving enterprise. So if we can employ some of them along with our own men for manufacturing first class saris we can purchase all these saris produced by you. Such small scale industries are also supported by the Bengal Government. Tarundada is in charge of such industry. I have consulted with Karandhara that we can purchase the saris and the government will be glad to cooperate with us for exporting Indian goods to outside of India. Similarly we can import nice dolls here. Gradually as our men become expert they can manufacture the same thing here. So Mayapur inhabitants can be engaged in such a small manufacturing enterprise as well as farming to become self sufficient. Side by side increase our spiritual consciousness by attending to the temple routine work, Deity worship sankirtan, attending class. The idea is we must have the necessities of our life as far as possible independently. But we should not be business minded. Our main business is to develop our dormant Krsna Consciousness. Side by side we may take to such enterprises as will maintain us very nicely. There is no need of sending the artisan to U.S.A. better send our disciples from here and learn the art there. In this connection manufacturing the mrdanga shells as well as the skin work on it is very essential. If possible our men may learn how to make kartals also. At Nabadwip, there are many artisans for this purpose.

The summary is that our men must learn these four things: doll making, mrdunga making, kartal making and if possible making saris.

We want to display doll exhibitions in every center of our society depicting some narration from Bhagwatam, Mahabharat, Caitanya Caritamrita, Bhagavad Gita like that. Just like the picture that Arjuna's chariot is placed by Krsna between the groups of 2 soldiers. The Pictures are already there in our books and they are to be demonstrated by doll exhibition. The Krsna-Balaram Deities if it is very successful you can send one photograph to Yamuna in Vrindavan and if needed they may be sent to Jaipur as a model for carving our Krsna-Balarama Deities to be installed at Vrindavan. If possible you can send me some photographs of the dolls already manufactured and I shall give you further suggestions in this connection. To learn how to prepare mrdunga shell is very essential. Regarding land I had already given Jayapataka Maharaj [handwritten] direction to purchase as much land as possible if it is offered at cheap price. But the present law is if the land is not properly utilized any outsider may occupy the land even as trespasser and the land belongs to him as a tenant or owner. I do not know what is the legal implication otherwise I wanted to purchase lands as much as possible in that quarter. Sometimes you consulted the district magistrate who came to see me and he said we may keep maximum 60 bighas of land. So my idea is that I want to purchase all the lands there for developing into a spiritual city but it may be utopian at the present moment.

Regarding keeping the Mohammadans in our temple I have no objection provided they follow our rules and regulations. Our philosophy is that we are not this body, outer tabernacle, but one must stick to our principles and live with us like other devotees. The difficulty will be the Mohammadans will not agree to shave their heads and beard. Our principle is anyone can live with us provided he becomes clean shaved, dresses like us, follows the regulative principles and chants the beads regularly. So you can let me know what is the reaction on the Mohammadan side to these conditions. Most of my students are coming from the Christian and Jewish groups but because they agreed to follow our principles there was no difficulty to organize the society. Similarly Mohammadan or anyone else who has no objection to our principles is welcome.

I'm so glad that prasadam distribution is going well, the cows are healthy and agriculture products are coming out nicely. So go on with the regular temple worship method and attract more persons. That will engladden me. You have said that the building construction work is finished but you have not written how many stories beside the plinth floor. Mr. Daga wanted [handwritten] to pay 10,000 Rs for one story more. Has it be executed accordingly? Please keep in constant touch with me by sending report at least once in a fortnight. At last I may inform you that I am very much interested to purchase more land.

Hoping this meets you in good health.

Your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

His Holiness Jayapataka das Swami
His Holiness Bhavananda das Swami
Mayapur ISKCON
ISKCON international Center at Lord Caitanya's Birthplace
P.O. Sree Mayapur Dham
Mayapur (Dist. Nadia), W. Bengal