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740303 - Letter to Taittiriya written from Mayapur

Letter to Taittiriya

Mayapur Candradaya Mandir
Sreedham Mayapur, Nadia,
West Bengal, India

March 3,         74

My dear Taittiriya,
Please accept my blessings. I was expecting you also in Mayapur along with your husband, but I think you have done rightly by not coming here in your pregnancy. I thank you for your kindly sending me some sugar and one hundred dollar bill.
Regarding grains, if rice and mung dahl is available from Formosa please try to secure as much as possible as donation or by purchase. India is now practically without food grains on account of, partially, nature's punishment, and partially, the hoarding plan of the rogues. We [unclear] to distribute cooked food such as rice, dahl and chapatees to as many hungry men as possible. I think both you and Bali Mardan along with the [unclear] of other friends can help our society in this connection. I am so pleased [unclear] learn our New York temple is going so nicely under your direction.

I have studied your activities while in Honolulu and it gives me great pleasure to find out such a devotee qualified as you are in our society. I wish you will execute responsibilities in the future in the matter of our societies multi activities. In this connection I especially request you to try to open a center in China. So far I have information of the Chinese people and so far I have seen Chinese boys in Hong Kong, I am very hopeful for success in China. Similarly, my experience in Japan, when I was in Tokyo last time and the time before that, I found the Japanese boys and girls very nice and humble and submissive and respectful. Our Japanese devotee Basu is very useful in our missionary activity. Also I see this in you. I met several friends, the director of the Dai Nippon Printing Co., even the president of the Company and they were very kind to me. So I have a very good notion about the Japanese people. Now I have a very cultured aristocratic Japanese girl like you as my disciple and daughter-in-law. I hope in the future you will take a leading part in converting the Japanese and Chinese people towards Krsna Consciousness so that all of them may become happy like you. That is my only desire. Thanking you once more for your kind attention upon me.

Your ever well-wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

439 Henry St.Brooklyn, NY