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740525 - Letter to Hansadutta from Satsvarupa

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May 25th, 1974

From: Satsvarupa

Dear Hansadutta,

Please accept my humble obeisances. We have begun our European tour and Srila Prabhupada seems quite pleased to be in Rome and preaching to interested persons coming here.

As for our program after Paris, June 15, we have planned entirely on the following information received from you in your letter of May 6 from Holland: “…we humbly invite your Divine Grace to visit with us in Germany and attend a lecture program in Koln on the 22nd June (Saturday) and sometime later in the week in Heidelburg. …In Amsterdam the program has been arranged for the 15th June to the 22nd June. Here they are a little disorganized because just a few days ago Tulsi das the president left without notice.”

Now based on the fact that His Divine Grace is definitely going to Australia for Rathayatra which is on June 29th, we have made some changes in our travel program. We had planned on leaving Koln on the 23rd and going to Australia and then on the 30th flying back to Sweden. Ajit has written they are planning something for July 1st. But now His Divine Grace thinks this a little too much jumping around. He wants to go to the U.S. for Rathayatra, Chicago July 6 and San Francisco July 8. So we will leave Koln on the 23rd, break our trip a day in Tehran, and a day in Hong Kong, and arrive in Australia the 26th. Then around July 2nd start for the U.S. rather than come to back to Europe.

Prabhupada was thinking, since you stated that things were a little disorganized in Amsterdam, why not spend our time June 15 to June 22nd with important German programs? So this is for you to organize.

We shall leave Paris about the 15th, go to wherever you want us–Germany or Amsterdam (but Srila Prabhupada suggested today Germany)–and then on the 22nd you have a lecture in Koln. On the 23rd we will leave Europe and not come back until after Janmastami. (After Janmastami in Vrndavana we may also come to London).

So please organize a tight program with scholars and nice places to stay from June 16 to June 22nd and let us have the program as soon as possible from your good self. We will leave here June 30 for Geneva and then arrive Paris June 6th so contact accordingly.

Srila Prabhupada is very pleased with the work you have done in London, and that is one reason he feels he doesnt have to rush there. You have simply depended on Krishna and sankirtana in the way you executed things there, and he is very satisfied with your service. Hansadutta has no motive he said, he only wants to spread Krishna Consciousness. Hope to hear from you without delay.

Your servant,

Satsvarupa das Goswami

P.S. I have jaundice right now, but am getting better. In any case, I am counting on Himavati to cook for Srila Prabhupada in Germany. Will that be possible. I have stopped cooking as much as possible, because I cannot do it.