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740605 - Letter to Ramesvara from Satsvarupa

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June 5, 1974,

9 Chemin du Cour
1213 Petit Lancey
Geneva, Switzerland

From: Satsvarupa

Dear Rameswara,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I am enclosing your letter of May 29 to Srila Prabhupada without having shown it to him. It is of course an important matter, but between Karandhar, Balimardan and yourself etc., you can make the decision how many books of each volume to publish. There were a number of other BBT questions in recent letters of yours which Karandhar has taken back with him and which you must have discussed with him by now. We are trying to relieve Srila Prabhupada of more and more management decisions so he can be free to think of his books. In the future try to resolve those day to day decisions about book matters with out asking him. I think now that Krandhar is back there will be less tendency. It was very wonderful to see Karandhar here in Geneva and see how he has Srila Prabhupada’s full confidence to execute the most important tasks, and that Karandhar’s devotional intelligence is fully engaged in Krsna Consciousness.

For myself I am very enlivened with the thought of organizing travelling BBT library movement. Of course I am now patiently awaiting for a replacement, which Karandhar is working on. At the latest, I hope I can be available to start this program after Rathayatra. Being with Srila Prabhupada is invaluable experience, but I am also yearning to take up this full time distribution of his books.

Just yesterday His Divine grace met with the most well known Indologist in Europe, one Jean Herbet, who has published dozens of books, his latest, “Le Yoga d’amour” is a best seller about Krsna. He is a rascal but very famous here. So Srila Prabhupada had me read him the letter you sent about Mahabuddhi and Ganasyama’s good fortune going to the professors. And yesterday Hansadutta came and before he left Srila Prabhupada had me type up a copy of the letter for him. He always has me reading the letter to guests. Therefore he is willing to have me go and distribute the books. I am looking forward to sitting down with you and organizing men and tactics and going out and covering one after another. I am praying Krsna will let me execute this service.

So keep sending such progress reports to his Divine Grace.

Your servant,

Satsvarupa das Goswami