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740815 - Letter to Jayadvaita from Brahmananda

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August 15, 1974

From: Brahmananda

Dear Jayadvaita Prabhu:

Please accept my humble obeisances at your feet. I am in due receipt of your recent letters and the Teachings article. The article is enclosed with corrections. Prabhupada does not want to offend His Godbrothers at this point because more and more they are coming to recognize His accomplishment. (Swami Bon spoke as chief guest on Vyas Puja Day.) I read to Prabhupada the first article (for 66) in its entirety to Prabhupada. The only thing is that there has been some confusion in the paste-up. You have mixed up sections about caste-consciousness with the sections of quotes from Thakur’s writings. So please refer to the original article and get it all straight. I might suggest for this part that you include a photo of Bhaktivinode’s home that is still there in Mayapur. (If you don’t have any photos I can take some when we go there with Prabhupada the first week of September.) This home overlooks the exact location of our present International Mayapur Center, so this is all not an accident.

In answer to your question about the meaning of Viswa Vaishnava Raja Sabha, it is: “International Society of Vaishnavas.” The part about BS. giving permission to distribute meat is to be omitted because this was a very confidential instruction. It should not be misinterpreted so that preachers can do anything to spread K. C., even sense gratification: This is how Shaymasundar is presently doing. The section about the danda should also be omitted. Please send me xeroxs of the paste-up of the succeeding parts.

Now so far a diary is concerned, I would like you to provide me with a kind of tape recorder for this purpose. I could record direct the bits of priceless conversation Prabhupada has. But, an ordinary tape recorder is too clumsy and large. I must have something that can be kept out of sight, like in my breast pocket and could be operated by some sort of control in the hand. You know how self-conscious Prabhupada becomes when recorders are brought out, and clicked on and off and even the sound of the tape running is a disturbance. So this must be completely silent unit. Something that a spy would use. Send me the specification sheets on whatever you find so I can choose what is best.

You may know Macmillian is interested in publishing Prabhupada’s biography. His Divine Grace has started dictating notes on His life to me and I am to put it together. Actually Prabhupada said He was not so interested in this kind of thing, but still He is doing it. So let us see if He completes it. I hope this meets you in good health.

Your servant,

Brahmananda Swami

N.B. Prabhupada approves the ads you sent.