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741019 - Letter to Giriraja written from Mayapur

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Letter to Giriraj das

Sri Mayapur Chandradoya Mandir
P.O. Sree Mayapur, Dist. Nadia
West Bengal

Sriman Giriraj das Brahmachari
Hare Krishna Land
Gandhi Gram Road, Juhu
Bombay 400 054

My Dear Giriraj das:
Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated October 14, 1974 and have noted the contents. Regarding the tax commission case, we are receiving approximately Rs. 18,000/- per annum including the tax payments, which means at 10% interest the value is Rs.1,80,000/-. So we have paid Rs.14,50,000/-; less Rs.1,80,000/- is Rs.12,70,000/-. So we have paid Rs. 12,70,000/- for 6,000 sq. yards; which means we have paid approximately Rs.200/- per sq. yard. At that time the rate was not more than Rs.150/- per sq. yard; so we have paid more than the market price. This argument should be placed.
Regarding the road, if by sacrificing the wide road we have gotten the sanction of constructing according to the layout plan, then there is no harm.
Regarding construction, begin something. Begin little, little, so it can be understood that we have begun. At least one foot high walls should be built up on all buildings. That should be done.
Saurabha can go there for one week because now Dhananjaya is there and can look after things while Saurabha is gone. That is nice if you get the NOC from the Police by two weeks time.
Keep Yasomatinandana engaged in college programs. When I come to Bombay at the end of this month or the beginning of next month, if he can arrange my lecture on Bhagavad-gita in all colleges and universities, I shall speak to the students very gladly. It is good that boys are joining us and shaving up. Yes, whoever may live with us must shave and take kunti beads, otherwise they may come and go.
I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well wisher,
     SP Initial.png
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami