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750121 - Letter to Vijaya written from Bombay

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Letter to Vijaya das

Hare Krishna Land, Gandhi gram Rd.
Juhu, Bombay    400 054    INDIA

Jan. 21ST, 1975

Vijay das brahmacari
ISKCON, 4 Nasoki St., P.O Box 125
Lautoka, Fiji

My dear Vijaya das,

Please accept my blessings. I hope that everything is going nicely there in Fiji. I have heard that Mr. Punja is now enlivened to work with us again. This is very good. He can help us in many ways, and he is a devoted man. You are a devotee, so this is the process, yasya prasadad bhagavat prasado.... So, kindly follow my instructions very carefully and work co-operatively with Asta Siddhi das. That will be good for you and the people in general. Do not deviate in any way.

I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
SP Signature.png
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami