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750729 - Letter to Stanley S. Weithorn from Rupanuga

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New York,

July 29, 1975

From: Rupanuga

Stanley S. Weithorn
Upham, Meeker and Weithorn
Chrysler Building
New York, N. Y., 10017

My Dear Mr. Weithorn:

We beg to acknowledge receipt of your proposals, with enclosed letter dated July 17, 1975 and we have examined the contents carefully. Your proposals relating to the formation of a new corporation, Bhaktivedanta Book Trust and MV-Trust for our Society are unacceptable. We find that already existing documents are more suitable to the intent and purpose of our Society and it is therefore unnecessary to accept your propose documents. We expected that the original corporation and Bhaktivedanta Book Trust would be kept intact because we simply wanted you to assist us in clarifying our tax-exemption status.

However, we find that you have drastically altered our original documents in your proposed documents. Consequently, we cannot understand your purpose. Therefore, we wish to terminate your services as our counsel at this time.

We hope this meets you in good health.

Sincerely yours,

Rupanuga das Adhikary: for
The Governing Body Commission
International Society for Krishna Consciousness