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751118 - Letter to Bharadraja written from Bombay

Letter to Bharadraj das (Page 1 of 2)
Letter to Bharadraj das (Page 2 of 2)

Hare Krishna Land
Juhu Road
Juhu, Bombay   400 054, India
18 November 1975

Sriman Bhardraja das Adhikari
First American Theoistic Exhibition
9226 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, California   90034

My dear Bharadraj das,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your letter dated November 1, 1975 with enclosures and thank you very much. From the photographs I see that the work you have done is superexcellent. It is very, very nice. I very much appreciate it. The dolls of Lord Damodara are very nicely done. The face is so nice.
Your plans for including restaurant and bookshop in the museum is very good. So far your future plans are concerned, you should understand that at every center there should be such doll exhibitions. So wherever it is suitable, you should take up in that place first. We want that at every center there should be this doll exhibition. In the new New York building, one flat should be for this exhibition.
The name of your exhibition is approved by me and it is a very good idea that you want to get federal funding. So far the Garuda Stambha is concerned, from the photograph, yes, it is approved what you have done. It can be placed in the Los Angeles temple in front of the Deity underneath the balcony. It must be underneath the balcony, otherwise how can it be done. It is better if it is not underneath, but if there is no other space for where to do it, then you will have to do it like that.
Regarding the Nrsimha-dev Deity, yes, that can be done, however to worship Nrsimha-dev requires a separate temple structure, not that Lord Nrsimha-dev can be worshiped in the same temple as Radha-Krsna. Regarding your question about offering aroti to the form of Damodara, no, the Deity worship that you are now doing is sufficient during the Damodara-vrata.
Regarding my head for the statue, that will appear in the museum, all of them, they are perfectly done. Locana has done very, very well. Yes, it is good if you prepare a mold so that these life-sized murtis can be available. I am sending these photographs with Saurabha to Jaipur for their making the murtis here for the Bombay temple.
Regarding the fruit decorations, it is not proper for them to be on the head of the throne. This should not be done.
Regarding the mrdanga-making, this is very, very important item. It will open a great scope of our activities, so it should be done very carefully. I want to see large production.
I note the signatures of all your assistants and I very much appreciate their activities. Make them all experts. All of them require to be experts because they will have to go to all centers because we want to have this transcendental exhibition in all our centers around the world.
I hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami